Booongo Yuriy Muratov: “We Have Our Sights on New Markets, Forging New Relationships”

Booongo is a developer of iGaming products you have certainly heard about. The company’s growing footprint around the world is a testimony to its staying power in the iGaming industry. Booongo has given its latest game, Super Rich God: Hold and Win, a fresh shake-up introducing newly upgraded UI/UX.

Yet, visuals are hardly all that defines the company’s success in game development today. In fact, the person who knows more about how Booongo continues to create stellar gaming content is none other than Yuriy Muratov, head of account management and business development.

Top-quality gamification tools, a refreshed look, and new features are all part of the dynamic Booongo introduces to the iGaming sector, and here is how the company does that. 

Q: “Super Rich God: Hold and Win” is finally out. How do you think players will respond to it? 

A: Since launching the game, the feedback from players has been overwhelmingly positive and proves that we’ve created another big hit for our ever-expanding games portfolio. The game’s fun theme, enticing grand jackpot, and of course, the Hold and Win feature forms a perfect combination for players to enjoy the blessings of the Super Rich God. We endeavor to create immersive gaming experiences and are delighted with the results of the game so far.

Q: Booongo has optimized its UI and UX recently. Has the pandemic changed anything about your production process? 

A: Like all businesses, we’ve had to adapt our processes as a result of lockdown measures, but ultimately the delivery of new games and products has remained exactly the same. Our development team works extraordinarily hard to create engaging titles, and we’ve continued to deliver top-performing content to our operator partners across the globe. 

Upgrading the UI and UX across our games was an important move for us in order to ensure our games remained fully immersive to players. We’re also implementing UI promo upgrades, which will help drive a closer connection between the core gameplay of our slots and the gamification features we offer. Through the use of widgets, players can seamlessly navigate between the gameplay and promotions on offer without disrupting the main gaming experience. 

Q: How is Booongo changing the gaming conversation in the industry? What sets you apart?

A: We strive to create games that players will love, with engaging mechanics that deliver great results. Our market-leading Hold and Win portfolio ensure we have the competitive edge within this particular type of slot genre. We’ve built a strong player base because of our reputation for delivering the best games that feature Hold and Win mechanics. The game format’s popularity has grown considerably in the last couple of years, and Booongo has been at the heart of driving the genre forward to reach new audiences around the world. 

While we’re proud of the Hold and Win games that we’ve produced, experimenting with new mechanics is still a key priority for us in order to evolve our portfolio. 

Q: Could you elaborate on your company’s specific gaming features you have pioneered, revamped, and generally helped gain momentum in the industry? 

A: Our Hold and Win offering has been revolutionary for our operator partners. Taking a simple concept of sticky symbols, the bonus round heightens excitement levels as each new symbol that lands add cash prizes to the total pot. There’s also a chance to scoop the in-game jackpots on offer, including the Grand Jackpot that is paid out when all positions within the grid are filled by bonus symbols. With every spin, there’s something for players to look out for.  

Like all successful mechanics, it has tangible increases in emotional experiences without being difficult to understand, and we can see the impressive performance of our Hold and Win products all over the world.

Q: What are important markets for you in 2021? 

A: We’ve made no secret of our focus on Latin and South America. Our games are already well-received in the continent, and we’ve made significant commercial strides to expand our presence even further. As regulation comes into force across more regions, we have our sights set on entering new markets and forging relationships with both local and international operators.

Over in Europe, Ukraine is edging closer to becoming a regulated online market, and that is hugely important to us, given Booongo’s existing connections to the country. We already hold a strong market share in Ukraine, and our development hub is based there, so we’re very keen to ensure we continue to penetrate the region even further as new opportunities arise. 

Q: What new games can we expect in the coming months? Is there anything you could tease us with?

A: Our roadmap’s packed with exciting concepts that are sure to appeal to Booongo fans. The recently launched Magic Apple will be joined by Magic Ball, a multichannel game we’re adding to our portfolio. In addition, we’re ramping up our range of promotional tools with the addition of a new Jackpots product. We’re making the final touches to our unique solution that is set to go live in the coming months. 

There’s plenty more on the way, but we can’t reveal all our exciting secrets just yet!

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