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Big Daddy Casino Denies Having Any Ties with Chikoti Praveen Kumar

Kumar was recently arrested in Thailand after hosting an illegal gambling event in a local hotel and bringing in illegal gambling equipment

Big Daddy, an offshore ship-based casino in the Indian state of Goa, recently came under fire over alleged ties with Chikoti Praveen Kumar, a gambling investor who ran illegal gambling operations in Thailand. Some had even suggested that the illegal business was an extension of Big Daddy.

However, representatives of the Goa casino have now come forward, denying its association with the investor and his illicit activity. As reported by Inside Asian Gaming, the spokespeople blasted the claims, saying that there isn’t any truth to them.

We would like to clarify that Mr Chikoti Praveen Kumar is not associated with Big Daddy Casino in any capacity.

Big Daddy Casino spokesperson

The Big Daddy Casino representatives explained that their property is always striving to maintain a good reputation and is doing its best to keep its operations as transparent as possible. The property is committed to doing ethical business, the spokespeople insisted, saying that this automatically means that the claims of ties with Kumar are untruthful.

Representatives from the offshore casino noted that the property is not associated with Chikoti Praveen Kumar in terms of investment, ownership, management or in any other business-related aspect.

Kumar Was Arrested During a Police Raid in Thailand

For reference, Kumar was recently arrested in Thailand after hosting an illegal gambling event in a local hotel. Earlier this month, Phuket authorities raided the Asia Pattaya Hotel, busting Kumar’s operations. The police operation came amid discussions about the legalization of casino resorts, making it imperative to crush illegal gambling.

Kumar and his associates had shipped makeshift gambling equipment and dealers from India to Thailand. The equipment was supposed to be used for an unlicensed event, authorities believe. As a result of the operation Kumar and 82 more people were arrested. The police seized cash, playing cards, multiple computers, a CCTV camera and other incriminating evidence.

At the time, certain media outlets thought that the operations could have had ties to Big Daddy Casino – a notion that the casino has now refuted.

Big Daddy Casino is situated on a large ship that had its maiden voyage in 2019. The property is 72 meters long and 24 meters wide and, over its three decks, encompasses over 50,000 square feet of gaming space. The property is equipped with 100 gaming tables spread across the decks, providing players with a constant source of entertainment.


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