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Minnesota Betting Legalization Proposals Running Out of Time

Although plenty of lawmakers are likely to support the sports wagering legalization in Minnesota, the activity is unlikely to gain traction this season

The growing popularity of retail and especially mobile sports betting helped push its expansion in the US. That wouldn’t have been possible without the US Supreme Court’s decision from 2018 that struck down PASPA. Now, more than 30 US states offer sports betting, while a few states have legalized the activity and are in the process of launching it. Yet, there are states that are still a long way from legal sports betting, as efforts to legalize the activity continue. This is the case for Minnesota.

For years, lawmakers in the state have supported the legalization of sports betting. Besides the benefits of raising tax revenue, legalization can help local teams, as well as reduce the share of the black market. However, one concern in particular kept the legalization from lifting off and this is how are the Native American Tribes going to be involved in the process.

In other states, where Tribes operate, usually gambling compacts are signed that enable them to benefit from certain perks or even provide exclusivity. Yet, for years, supporters of betting in Minnesota cannot find common ground to push further its legalization. And now, a new report suggests that it might be too late for sports betting proposals to gain traction, at least this season.

Melissa Hortman, Minnesota’s House Speaker, revealed that it is highly unlikely legislators to push for sports betting legalization this season, Pioneer Press reveals. On Thursday, she explained: “I think we are probably out of time.” Hortman added: “We are not going to be able to take people away from the floor to have that move through the committees that it would need to.”

Bipartisan Support Needed

A prime reason why lawmakers may delay the legalization of sports wagering is the upcoming approval of a two-year budget. Lawmakers in the state will have until May 22 to approve multiple important bills and also finalize a budget surpassing $70 billion. This process may ultimately delay betting legalization.

Another difficulty legalization is facing is that it requires bipartisan support. Even if that doesn’t apply to the House and a proposal can somehow clear it, bipartisan support will undoubtedly be needed for the Senate. Yet, while some Democrats and some Republicans support sports wagering legalization, a majority is yet to agree on a proposal.


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