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Biathlon Integrity Unit Strengthens Monitoring with Sportradar Addition

Sportradar Integrity Services, the global integrity arm by Sportradar, has signed a new partnership with the Biathlon Integrity Unit, or BIU

Sportradar Integrity Services, the global integrity arm of Sportradar, has signed a new partnership with the Biathlon Integrity Unit, or BIU

Under the terms of this collaboration, Sportradar will help the BIU with its continuous efforts to uphold the integrity of the sport and protect it from competition manipulation. The BIU is an independent monitoring body that works in close relation with the International Biathlon Union or IBU.

Sportradar as Guarantor of Biathlon Integrity

Moving forward, Sportradar will provide monitoring services for all IBU competitions, which include some of the biggest events on the calendar, such as the IBU World Championships and IBU World Cups. This will be done through the company’s Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) which has proven as a reliable technological solution that allows sports bodies and organizations to stay on top of any fraudulent betting activity.

Suspicious events are immediately flagged and forwarded to the BIU and its partners, who are capable of conducting in-depth investigations into individual instances and establishing whether certain parties are to blame.

Sportradar Integrity Services has provided the BIU with its Intelligence & Investigation Services since 2020, but the latest partnership will be a further step forward in ensuring that biathlon does not fall prey to “match-fixing” and corruption that erodes the trust sports fans put in the sport.

BIU head Greg McKenna welcomed the partnership and the opportunity to consolidate the monitoring services for the entire sport. He added:

We are fully aware of the match-fixing risks that are prevalent throughout all sport, and we acknowledge the integral role bet monitoring plays in countering integrity risks.

BIU head Greg McKenna

The further implementation of the UFDS solution will strengthen the sport’s integrity and ensure that competitions over the next year are fair and safe across the board.

Decisive Step Forward Towards Upholding Integrity Standards

Sportradar Integrity Services managing director Andreas Krannich was similarly pleased with the opportunity and said that interest in biathlon competitions has been mounting steadily.

This is yet another reason to make sure that integrity is on par with industry standards and fans’ expectations. This partnership demonstrated both Sportradar and BIU’s commitment to providing the sport with the tools and technology to guarantee a healthy and thriving ecosystem.  

Sportradar recently signed a partnership with the International Ski and Snowboard Federation, entering yet another winter sport.


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