January 26, 2023 3 min read


Salsa Technology Teams Up with Miracl to Address MFA Legislation

Salsa Technology, a prominent iGaming supplier in Latin America, has entered into a collaboration with Miracl, a provider of no-password, one-step multi-factor authentication (MFA)

The new partnership aims to enhance the login process for Salsa Technology’s online customers while also complying with upcoming 2023 legislation.

Legislative changes are expected in North America with New Jersey and Ontario leading the way by introducing a compulsory MFA. It is expected that the requirement will eventually be implemented in other states and territories.

Taking this into account, the collaboration between Salsa Technology and Miracl positions the company at the forefront of industry developments, as the company proactively addresses the upcoming legislation through the integration of passwordless, single-step MFA.

Salsa Technologies, under the leadership of CEO Peter Nolte, has made a significant effort to meet and exceed the standards set by various regulatory bodies. One of the company’s main goals is to be the first operator to receive a license in Brazil once the new regulatory framework is established.

To achieve this, Salsa Technologies has decided to partner with Miracl. With the implementation of Miracl’s technology, Salsa Technologies aims to surpass the stringent requirements set by jurisdictions such as New Jersey and Ontario, while also enhancing the user experience for its players.

Salsa Technology, a well-known and respected iGaming company in Latin America, specializes in serving licensed operators in regulated markets throughout the region. The company offers a flexible and all-inclusive casino platform, with the ability to develop custom games through their Salsa Studio. It works with a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to established organizations, and provides tailored solutions and technology to fit the unique needs of each partner.

Miracl Offers a Unique MFA Product

Miracl CEO, Rob Griffin, acknowledged that the partnership with Salsa Technologies is a step forward in the gaming industry, as it prioritizes user logins and ensures the highest level of authentication. The technology provided by Miracl is a crucial aspect of the login process and is a logical choice for Salsa Technologies considering the changing legislative environment and customer demand.

Miracl is a cutting-edge authentication system that eliminates the need for passwords. The technology utilizes a two-second PIN login, making it a one-step, multi-factor authentication process. With this system, there is no need for data storage or the use of a second device.

Its login success rate is unprecedented, with 99.9% of attempts being successful. This ensures a smooth and seamless experience for individuals using betting platforms, allowing for easy access and placing of bets.

In addition, Miracl is also software-based and API-enabled, making it compatible with any device or browser. Integration is quick and effortless. The software does not store personal data, passwords, or PINs, making it also immune to remote attacks and basically offering a product with no security vulnerabilities.


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