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BGC Supports Labour’s Responsible Gaming Pledge

The UK’s primary gambling industry lobby group reiterated its commitment to continue collaborating with the government to finalize the country’s White Paper reforms

UK’s Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has expressed approval of Labour’s general election manifesto. The document includes a commitment to work collaboratively with the industry to enhance responsible betting and gaming standards. Recent polls give the Labour Party a significant advantage in the upcoming elections, and its manifesto will likely inform the new government’s core policies.

The Elections Should Not Impact Reforms

Labour’s pledge comes amidst the most significant regulatory overhaul the sector has seen in decades, following the publication of the comprehensive White Paper in 2023. This document outlined a series of reforms designed to fortify protections and ensure the industry operates on a robust regulatory framework, updating regulations to match new industry developments. 

The government initially planned to finalize the reforms before the elections, but ongoing consultations and several contentious measures within the White Paper caused significant delays. If the election results match the predictions, it will be up to the Labour Party to quickly and efficiently finalize the country’s gambling reforms and usher in a new chapter for the UK gaming sector.

Labour will reform gambling regulation, strengthening protections. We will continue to work with the industry on how to ensure responsible gambling.

Labour Party Manifesto

BGC members have been actively collaborating with the authorities to implement the evidence-based proposals of the White Paper, which aim to elevate industry standards while fostering a healthy environment for business growth. The reforms will be invaluable for combating gambling harm and ensuring UK bettors can safely enjoy their hobby.

Collaboration Remains Paramount to Success

Michael Dugher, CEO and acting chair of the BGC, lauded Labour’s manifesto commitment, emphasizing the industry’s readiness to continue collaborating with the government. Dugher noted that the White Paper could not come too soon, as 22.5 million people engaged in gambling each month. He was confident the reforms would enhance protections while respecting the enjoyment of responsible bettors.

According to Dugher, the sector’s transformation is imperative as black market operators pose an increasing risk as they threaten to undermine the regulated industry. He noted that the BGC would partner with the next government to drive up standards and help finalize the UK’s much-needed reforms, ushering in a new age for the sector.

Whatever happens at the polls, our work to drive up standards carries on, and we look forward to partnering with the next government in this vitally important work.

Michael Dugher, BGC CEO and acting chair

With Labour’s manifesto outlining a clear path for collaboration, the BGC is optimistic about the future of the UK’s betting and gaming sector. As the industry prepares for the upcoming changes, the BGC looks forward to maintaining its partnership with the government to uphold the highest standards and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders.

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