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Joey Chestnut Leads Odds in Netflix Eating Contest against Kobayashi

Although he was disqualified unexpectedly from Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, the famous eater will face his long-term rival, Takeru Kobayashi, in another event

Earlier this week, the 16-time hot dog-eating champion, Joey Chestnut, was unexpectedly disqualified from the upcoming Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest, a popular annual American hot dog competitive eating competition that takes place on Independence Day, July 4.

The sudden disqualification came after Nathan’s confirmed that Chestnut breached its terms and conditions. The competitive eater previously signed a sponsorship with a company that distributes and produces hot dogs that are plant-based. Chestnut’s collaboration with the company called Impossible Foods was, according to Nathan’s, in breach of the competition’s policies.

Although the famous competitive eater who is recognized across the globe will not participate in the upcoming event, another exciting event this fall will see him meet his biggest rival. Shortly after Nathan’s confirmed Chestnut’s disqualification, Netflix announced an epic eating competition that will take place on Labor Day.

The event, scheduled for September 2, will see Chestnut face Takeru Kobayashi, one of his biggest rivals and eating champion who helped significantly promote the sport across the United States and around the world. Upon announcing the event called “Chestnut vs. Kobayashi: Unfinished Beef,” Netflix explained: “You could say they have unfinished beef.”

The upcoming hot dog eating competition immediately captured the attention of bookmakers. Odds for the Chestnut vs. Kobayashi: Unfinished Beef by oddsmakers designated Chestnut as the “top dog” with -1000. On the other hand, the odds for his rival, Kobayashi are at +550. This means that if a bettor places $100 and wins, they will collect $10 for their wager on Chestnut and $550 on a bet for Kobayashi.

The Competition Meets Two Competitive Eating Icons

The aforementioned odds do not come as a surprise, considering Chestnut’s 55 world records for competitive eating. The man who was born and raised in San Jose, California, also holds a world record for the highest number of hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes, a total of 76.

As a competitive eater, Chestnut is known as an unquestionable champion of Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest. Since 2007, he has won all competitions with the exception of the one in 2015.

On the other hand, Chestnut’s rival, Kobayashi, is also a recognizable face in competitive eating. He has won Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest six times.

Undoubtedly, the upcoming competition will attract a big audience, some of which bettors. The last time Kobayashi faced Chestnut was more than a decade ago back in 2009.


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