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Betting and Casino Gambling Gain Traction in Georgia

If the proposed Senate Resolution is approved, the state may launch legal sports betting and develop up to five casinos

For years, lawmakers in Georgia have attempted to legalize casino gambling as well as sports betting. While none of the previously tabled proposals have made it as far as to expand gambling in the state, many residents are already engaging in betting and casino gambling in nearby states. For example, three states bordering Georgia currently offer legal sports betting and the list includes Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Now, a new bill is picking up speed in Georgia, proposing the legalization of wagering on sports along with casino gambling. The proposal, Senate Resolution 538, is sponsored by eight Senators and calls for a change to the state’s constitution that would enable casino gambling and sports betting. The resolution was introduced at the end of January. Last week, the proposal gained traction after it was approved by Georgia’s Senate Economic Development and Tourism Committee.

The approval means that residents of the state will have the option to vote for or against casino gambling and sports betting. The next move for the proposal is now by the Senate Rules Committee which is expected to set a floor vote.

Senate Resolution 538 proposes the establishment of five brick-and-mortar casinos across Georgia. Moreover, the proposal calls for the legalization of sports betting. If state residents approve the bill, Georgia would become the latest US state to offer legal wagering on sports.

Taxes generated from legal betting and the state’s casinos would help different initiatives in the state. For example, transportation projects in Georgia will benefit from 50% of the collected taxes, while pre-kindergarten along with child-care programs will benefit from 20% of the taxes. The remaining 30% of the generated tax funds would benefit programs for treating gambling addiction, fund Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Georgia, as well as other important programs.

Casinos and Betting to Generate Tax Revenue, Create New Jobs

Sen. Carden Summers, the main sponsor of the proposal, who was recently quoted by Capitol Beat, spoke about the benefits Senate Resolution 538 would bring. He revealed that the extra tax revenue would help fund different projects, just as the Georgia Lottery has helped raise valuable funds for different educational and preschool programs.

Summers, speaking at the recent hearing of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee, said: “Let’s put this issue to bed. I trust the people of Georgia to make this decision.” Moreover, the Senator said that an estimated 80,000 Georgians currently travel out of state to engage in gambling activities annually.

According to him, the expansion of gambling in the state would not only generate tax revenue but create new jobs. Finally, Sen. Summers said that Senate Resolution 538 would help retain revenue that would otherwise flow to other states.

If the resolution is greenlighted, it proposes July 2, 2025, as a deadline for the launch of betting and casino gambling in Georgia.


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  • Mary
    February 26, 2024 at 8:26 pm

    I think this is a brilliant idea!. Not only would this generate a tremendous amount of money that is now going to other states, but also create jobs and attract more tourist to Georgia.

  • Cynthia Smith
    February 27, 2024 at 2:40 pm

    I am happy to see that they have thought of such a good idea for the state.

  • Randy Osborne
    March 11, 2024 at 8:57 am

    They should build the new casino on Six Flags Pkwy. in Cobb County.

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