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New Jersey Provides Municipalities with $100M for Boardwalk Repairs

The repairs are expected to improve tourism and also bolster the business of Atlantic City’ casinos

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy decided to provide Atlantic City with a $20 million grant. The funding is part of a $100 million initiative that will allow local municipalities to restore their boardwalks.

The money is a leftover from the American Rescue Plan and will see New Jersey take care of its signature boardwalks. Originally designed to prevent sand from getting inside nearby hotels, these boardwalks are now beloved tourist attractions.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk in particular is a historic promenade that is believed to be the oldest one in America. Spanning some 5.5 miles, it is also one of the largest boardwalks in the world. The repairs are expected to improve tourism and also bolster local casinos’ business.

The $20 million grant will allow Atlantic City to take care of deteriorating parts of the boardwalk. The repairs will see old decking and pilings replaced with better materials that will allow the structure to last longer.

Governor Murphy added that many locals have cherished memories at the boardwalks of the Jersey shore, which is why they’ve become a prized destination. He hopes to keep them that way by allowing communities to repair and maintain these wooden main streets.

The grant awards announced today are a meaningful step in preserving the health and dynamism of these special places.

Governor Phil Murphy

The AC Boardwalk Is a Lifeline for Local Casinos

The boardwalk is not only an important cultural asset but also an important economic driver, according to Jacquelyn Suárez, the acting commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

The boardwalks are also very important to six of Atlantic City’s nine casinos since guests usually use the pathway to access nearby resorts. As a result, keeping these wooden streets in good condition is important to the city’s flourishing gambling industry.

For reference, the casinos dependent on the boardwalks include Bally’s, Caesars, Hard Rock, Ocean Casino, Resorts Casino Hotel and Tropicana.  

Speaking of AC’s casinos, the state continues to discuss whether the loophole that allows them to dedicate a part of their indoor space as a smoking area should be patched. While casino companies are concerned about potential losses, casino workers fear that the unhealthy environment is jeopardizing their lives.


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