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Better Collective Acquires Playmaker HQ in a $54M Deal

Better Collective will consolidate Playmaker HQ into its accounts effective July 3 this year

Better Collective announced the acquisition of Playmaker HQ, which will boost the former company’s social media and sports content. The acquisition cost the digital sports media group a total of $54 million, $15 million of which will be upfront. A million will be paid in deferred payments and an extra $38 million in performance-based earnout payments over three-years.

Playmaker HQ is a South Florida-based sports and entertainment media platform that specializes in the provision of engaging sports content and exclusive activations with athletes and content creators.

Playmaker HQ has an extensive presence within the social media sector, distributing over 2,000 monthly pieces of sports content on YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok. It boasts a following of over 20 million people across these platforms, which is more than twice what it had in 2020. In addition, the company’s content reaches over 500 million users each month.

Better Collective highlighted three acquisitional synergies. First of all, the addition of Playmaker HQ into Better Collective’s portfolio will provide the latter company with a new and large audience of sports fans. In addition, Playmaker holds extensive sponsorship sales know-how that will boost its buyer’s monetization abilities outside of its core audience. Finally, Better Collective noted that its global presence will be able to grow Playmaker HQ outside of its home market.

Better Collective will consolidate Playmaker HQ into its accounts effective July 3 this year. The former company said that its financial targets for the year remain the same.

The Two Companies Are Excited about the Arrangement

Better Collective North America’s chief executive officer, Marc Pedersen, commented on the new acquisition. He revealed that his company had been following Playmaker HQ for some time and said that his team is excited to announce the transaction.

Playmaker HQ offers access to millions of sports fans in the US, the majority of which are new in the Better Collective user base. We are excited to help enhance these fans’ sports betting experience, while also being able to utilize Playmaker HQ’s know-how to scale the product and revenue stream across Better Collective’s global portfolio.

Marc Pedersen, CEO NA, Better Collective

Brandon Harris, Playmaker HQ’s chief executive, also commented on the agreement. Joining the Better Collective family is a significant milestone for his company, Harris said, adding that he cannot wait to “make plays with Better Collective’s world-class team.”

I know our creators are going to do amazing things with the support of Better Collective’s team and resources. We are just scratching the surface, and we are so excited to align with Better Collective to help achieve OUR vision of building the world’s leading sports media group.

Brandon Harris, CEO, Playmaker HQ

In other news, Better Collective recently unveiled nominations for its board of directors.


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