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MGM National Harbor Employees Vote in Favor of Unionization

Parking ambassadors have opted to join the Teamsters Union, seeking better working conditions, fair treatment, and improved benefits

With affected workers already discussing the terms of their first contract with the union, their decision may have widespread consequences for the region’s hospitality industry. Rising discontent among casino workers in North America prompts more employees to consider unionization, ensuring their concerns receive proper attention.

Parking Ambassadors Presented a United Front

Parking ambassadors at Maryland’s MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino unanimously voted to join Teamsters Local 639. The union represents worker rights across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, advocating for fair compensation and improved working conditions. Teamsters Local 639 has operated since 1934, giving them significant experience dealing with some of the region’s leading businesses.

MGM National Harbor parking ambassador representatives noted they provided a valuable service for visitors. Unionization represents a significant milestone for these workers, allowing them to hold management accountable and receive improved working conditions and better wages. Washington, D.C. Local 639 president Steve Williams agreed, congratulating the MGM staff on their bold decision.

Congratulations to the MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino workers on their successful organizing victory. We look forward to helping them secure their first Teamster contract.

Steve Williams, Washington, D.C. Local 639 president

Joining the Teamsters provides employees with substantial benefits like access to experienced negotiators and legal representation during collective bargaining. The union’s expertise in labor relations can help workers secure favorable terms in their employment contracts, ensuring their rights are protected. Additionally, the Teamsters can provide training and skill development resources, fostering members’ career growth and advancement opportunities.

Hospitality Sector Unionization Is on the Rise

The decision by MGM National Harbor staff to unionize carries broader implications for the labor movement in the hospitality sector. Should the parking ambassadors’ decision pay off, it may inspire other casino workers to follow and pursue similar initiatives to secure fair treatment and improve their working conditions. MGM’s status as a world-leading operator means such aspirations can spread to many of its other venues.

Such employee initiatives are part of a broader push towards better treatment for workers in the hospitality industry. Quebec recently saw casino staff begin an indefinite general strike, protesting over inadequate compensation. Unionized employees at Encore Boston Harbor casino also proved the value of forming a united front, protecting the rights of over 1,400 workers during tense negotiations with Wynn Resorts.

MGM National Harbor staff joining the Teamsters highlights their determination to have a collective voice and negotiate for their rights. The success of this unionization effort and other similar initiatives carry broader implications for the labor movement in the hospitality sector, hopefully setting an example for others in the industry. The MGM parking ambassadors may inspire others to consider similar initiatives, driving positive change and promoting fair worker treatment.

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