October 13, 2023 3 min read


Betsson and AEK BC Sign New Naming Rights Agreement

The latest collaboration sees the famous basketball team change its name to AEK BETSSON BC

The leading online gaming company that has more than 20 brands that offer betting and iGaming across Europe, Betsson Group, announced a new groundbreaking partnership. The company revealed Thursday that it signed a new collaboration with the professional basketball club, AEK BC. Under the terms of the recent deal, Betsson was designated as the naming sponsor of the team, a move that will see its name change to AEK BETSSON BC.

This is not the first collaboration between the duo. Over the last two years, the leading gaming group served as a grand sponsor of AEK BC. Now, the fresh new deal further builds upon the success of the initial collaboration that was described by Betsson as a “historic partnership upgrade.”

Confirmation about the latest collaboration emerged Thursday at a special event at The Mall Athens. The thrilling event kicked off with a video that praised the success of the collaboration between AEK BC and Betsson. One of the highlights of the video included a donation of €100,000 ($105,200) to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey. This donation reaffirms the duo’s shared commitment to supporting different organizations and good causes.

At the event, the new logo of AEK BETSSON BC was released. Not unexpectedly, the logo incorporates Betsson’s logo as well, highlighting the importance of this new collaboration.

Elsewhere, back in September, Betsson confirmed it secured a French license. At the time, the company revealed that it plans to expand its sports betting services to the European country, delivering unrivaled and thrilling experiences for bettors and sports fans alike.

The Collaboration Brings Excitement to Betsson

Ronni Hartvig, Betsson Group’s chief commercial officer, spoke about the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering unique experiences. “From the time we entered the Greek market, this commitment towards excellence has also been introduced into the events and sporting initiatives that we support, whereby we add excitement and value, enriching the fan experience,” he added. Finally, Hartvig said that Betsson is looking forward to the mutual success the new partnership will bring.

We are proud to continue our sponsorship of AEK BC for the third consecutive year and now be an integral part of AEK BETSSON BC’s name.

Thanos Marinos, managing director of Betsson Greece

Thanos Marinos, the managing director of Betsson Greece, added that the company is excited to continue its collaboration with the famous basketball club. Moreover, he explained that it is thrilling to see Betsson become an important part of the club’s new name.

Marinos praised the company’s efforts and support for different sports initiatives in the country. Finally, he explained that such commitments enable the company to engage with communities and make positive changes, while at the same time, benefitting sports.


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