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Asia Leads Online High-Stakes Market According to SOFTSWISS

A recent SOFTSWISS survey has showcased Asia as the leading market for online high-stakes players while Europe continues to rank top in financial performance

According to data from premium iGaming technology provider, SOFTSWISS, alongside information resulting from its Casino Platform data analysis, the Asian continent is currently in the lead in terms of VIP gambling

At the same time, Europe continues to be the highest-ranking continent when it comes to financial performance and the generation of revenue

Let’s take a closer look at the contemporary player profiles created by SOFTSWISS’ experts across Asia, Europe, and the Lat-Am area as disclosed by data from the Casino Platform’s client projects covering the period between September 2022 and August 2023

Asia Has the Highest Average Bet Size and Most Mobile Players

The advent of technology and ongoing progress in Asia has helped the continent reach the largest average bet size of the three regions. Data from the Casino Platform shows the average bet size in Asia is 2.5 times higher than European bets and four times higher than LatAm’s numbers.

Asia also boasts the highest number of mobile bettors, with no less than 71.6% of players preferring this method. Only 6.2% of women engage in gambling on the continent. Slots rule the market and account for more than 80% of all games. 

LatAm Players Wager the Lowest Bets

While the LatAm gambling market is currently emerging as a promising iGaming hub, when compared to Europe and Asia, players here continue to place the lowest bets of all three regions covered by the survey.

Mobile gambling is favored by a little over 69% of active players, a figure that slightly goes over the equivalent figure on the European continent. Female players stand for 17.4% of all active players. 

According to SOFTSWISS Casino Platform’s head, Darya Avtukhovich, LatAm bettors also show an “unwavering love for sports betting”, with special emphasis on soccer. In terms of classic games, they prefer slots and roulette. The latter stands for 21.8% of all types of games preferred by LatAm players, a figure that is two to four times higher than the ones recorded in Asia and Europe.

Europe Has 18 Times More Active Players Than Asia 

The Old Continent is home to eight times more active players when compared to Latin America while also boasting 18 times more active players than Asia.

More than 68% of Europe’s active players prefer the mobile betting option. The average bet size is almost twice as high as that in LatAm. The continent is in the lead in terms of female players with 18.11%, explained by the high level of engagement of women in the economy across the continent. 

Slots are, again, on top of Europeans’ preferences, followed by card games and roulette. 

At the end of last month, SOFTSWISS Sportsbook announced an expansion of its client network via a new Milestone partnership. Earlier this year, in July, the company presented a report explaining the benefits of introducing artificial intelligence tools in the iGaming sector.

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