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BetMGM Tie-up with Casino del Mar Bodes Well for Puerto Rico

BetMGM seems to have most things going swimmingly back at home, and this is why the company is making its first stride outside of the United States’ mainland. The betting and gaming giant has inked a deal with Casino del Mar at La Concha Resort in Puerto Rico

The company is looking to strengthen its sports betting, and gaming products in a new market, and Puerto Rico is both promising as well as underdeveloped in this regard. The move prompted a number of analysts and the companies to comment on what the road up ahead had in store for BetMGM and Casino del Mar, as well as the island’s economy.

Paulson & Co-president John Paulson praised the market-access deal and argued that sports play a huge part in the everyday lives of Puerto Ricans. As a result, BetMGM will find many audiences waiting for its product in the territory. 

He said that he and his company were looking forward to working with BetMGM, which will make it possible for locals to place a bet with a trusted sports betting operator outside of the continental market. 

Deal Approval Mounts as Puerto Rico Is Close to Launching Betting

Casino del Mar general manager Sigfrido De Jesús reaffirmed the property’s commitment to providing some of the best gaming experiences on the island and that the addition of BetMGM will dovetail with the company’s mission to further this experience for visitors. 

“Sports fans in Puerto Rico will now add excitement to their pastime with the possibility of winning more than just a game by their favorite team. BetMGM is the perfect addition to our cutting-edge gaming offerings with high-tech slot machines and card tables, available 24/7 at our casino,” Jesús added.

BetMGM is still awaiting regulatory approval, but everyone feels positive about the brand’s market entry. In fact, BetMGM is planning on hosting both retail and mobile sports betting experiences with La Concha Resort’s help. The official launch on the island will be predicated on BetMGM obtaining an official license as well as Puerto Rico giving the green light to the activity itself. 

The government of Puerto Rico seems upbeat about the prospect of expanding gambling operations in the country. According to Puerto Rico Gaming Commission executive director Orlando A. Rivera Carrión, the government has welcomed the partnership as a step forward for the economic development of the island. 

The Government Is Keen on Adding Sports Betting

“This new project will promote and encourage the growth of the gaming industry in Puerto Rico, all while implementing a public policy that encourages the development of new jobs and maximizing the income and resources of the Government of Puerto Rico. I trust in the success of this partnership and reiterate my total commitment to this initiative,” Carrión concluded.

Commenting on these developments, BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt said, “This marks a major milestone for BetMGM, as we share plans to bring our sports betting platform outside of the U.S. mainland for the first time. La Concha Resort is an ideal partner, and together we look forward to bringing BetMGM’s retail and mobile sports betting experiences to sports fans across Puerto Rico.”

Puerto Rico Tourism Company executive director Carlos Mercado Santiago said that Puerto Rico’s economy would feel the influx of tourists interested in sports betting as well as local residents looking to place a wager. 

“One of the elements that make our island a top-class destination that delivers an unequaled visitor experience is its ability to continually diversify by incorporating new options and trends such as sports betting and online gaming,” Santiago explained.


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