November 23, 2022 2 min read

BetMGM Allocates $180K to Center for Responsible Gaming

BetMGM has confirmed that it will grant $180,000 to the International Center for Responsible Gaming to support the organization’s further attempts to educate people on the dangers of problem gambling, the impact advertising has on the issue, and what the best responsible gambling practices are.

Broadening the Scope of Research and Keeping Up the Good Work

The ICRG has been a prominent supporter of the cause of raising awareness about problem gambling and its manifestations. BetMGM has hailed the organization’s efforts over the past two decades, with the ICRG delivering on a range of problem gambling research and publishing hundreds of articles dedicated to better understanding the issue.

ICRG president Arthur Paikowsky was similarly pleased with this new tie-up and happy to see BetMGM contribute once again. Paikowsky argued that all the research was done in an evidence-based manner to help broaden the industry’s understanding of problem gambling and the potential risks gambling in itself carries. He spared BetMGM no praise:

We commend BetMGM for partnering with us to better inform the public, operators, regulators, legislators, and the media.

ICRG president Arthur Paikowsky

BetMGM is similarly committed to the cause of advancing the industry’s understanding of gambling education and how to better protect consumers in existing and new markets. BetMGM senior manager of responsible gambling Richard Taylor shared his thoughts on this new funding:

Investment into research around responsible gaming is key to our continued education and commitment to providing best-in-class experiences and programs, as well as to ensuring a sustainable industry.

BetMGM senior manager of responsible gambling Richard Taylor

He remained confident that by aiding fund research, BetMGM will also garner important insights from ICRG’s work. Responsible gambling is an absolute priority for stakeholders all over the world. As regulators are keener to pass stricter gambling laws, calls for an evidence-based approach towards regulation have become louder.

There is only one snag. Some of the research is lacking, which has prompted companies such as LeoVegas, and entire countries, such as Spain, to allocate more funding, data and resources to make sure that there is credible evidence on which any further regulatory moves can be based safely.


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