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LeoVegas, Karolinska Institutet to Research Harm

Premier GameTech company LeoVegas Group has entered a four-year partnership with the Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Clinical Neuroscience in Stockholm. The collaboration is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the problem gambling phenomenon, with an emphasis on achieving higher problem gambling prevention rates.

As part of the agreement, LeoVegas will provide researchers at the prestigious medical university with raw gambling data from its customers, along with the necessary funding for the project. The research is expected to officially kick start this fall. 

Karolinska Researchers to Study LeoVegas’ Player Data 

In an attempt to better comprehend gambling problems and the way they form and to create additional ways of identifying and preventing these issues, Karolinska scientists will assess customer data courtesy of LeoVegas Group.

Karolinska Institute’s associate professor and also the leader of the new research group Philip Lindner spoke about the way the new partnership would give them the “unique opportunity” to get access to data that has not been available before and study it. He also expressed hope that the collaboration would generate new methods of “identifying and helping players at risk, at the earliest possible stage.” Lindner has expertise in clinical psychiatry as well as applied research in digital psychiatry.

LeoVegas Group – a Promoter of Responsible Gambling

The group that provides casino, live dealer, sports, and bingo games and has its parent company in Sweden has already expressed its plans to nurture the debate regarding responsible gaming with research to support talks based on evidence. The group has also announced its intention to generate a cut in the number of harmful effects that problem gambling can cause.

The group’s chief executive officer Gustaf Hagman explained responsible gaming was “an important priority for LeoVegas Group.” He added the group feels that the industry should “take greater responsibility for contributing knowledge and facts” regarding problems tied to gambling while doing more research on the best ways to keep these problems at a low. Hagman added the group was proud of the partnership with the Institutet while expressing hopes that the industry in itself and important decision-makers would be able to put the findings of the research into practice. At the end of the collaboration, the research unit is expected to create, assess, and implement a series of fresh mapping tools that would be used for treating mental illness. According to the terms of the agreement, researchers will benefit from academic freedom. The research will be sent for ethical review in 2026. 

At the beginning of the month, LeoVegas Group announced it had hired a new sports strategy lead in the person of Per Carlander.

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