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BETER Live Launches Gravity Sic Bo

The new game is a modernized live casino spin on a traditional Asian dice game

BETER Live, a provider of next-gen live gaming, has enhanced its beloved Gravity series with a new addition. The new title, called Gravity Sic Bo, is an exciting new spin on a classic Asian table game.

Sic Bo is а traditional game that is played with three dice. It allows players to place their wagers on the table, based on their projections for the dice throw. If they guess correctly, they win.

BETER Live’s new Gravity Sic Bo features modern mechanics such as multipliers to make the gameplay even more thrilling. Players can wager on a variety of outcomes, such as small/big, single die, two dice combos, doubles, triples and totals.

This supports a variety of playstyles, allowing many players to enjoy the game. Analytical players, meanwhile, can take a look at detailed statistics and use that information to make their decisions.

As mentioned, various multipliers will spice up each round. There are a total of 36 multipliers in play, ranging from 5x to a whopping 1,000x.

Gravity Sic Bo is a great addition for players who enjoy fast-paced games. The title sports an intuitive interface and is perfectly suited for both desktop and mobile devices.

Finally, the game is available in multiple languages and supports voiceovers in English, Japanese, simplified Chinese and Korean, among other languages.

The Company Is Confident the New Game Will Resonate with Players

BETER Live representatives expressed their delight to launch the new game, highlighting its strong points. Anna Vikmane, director at BETER Live, noted that her team’s Gravity series continues to grow in popularity and attract new players. She is certain that the new title will be just as popular.

Vikmane noted that Gravity Sic Bo is a game that leverages the high-quality gameplay BETER Live is known for.

Sic Bo is a hugely popular game that we have taken to the next level with multipliers and the voiceover in seven languages, and this title will help to further establish BETER as the leading live content provider.

Anna Vikmane, director, BETER Live

BETER Live’s chief product officer, Edvardas Sadovskis, also commented on the matter, expressing his company’s desire to continue competing in the live content space. He pointed out that his team’s dedication to excellence has set it apart from many of its competitors.

As for the new release, Sadovskis lauded the game as a “great addition” to the company’s portfolio.

Gravity Sic Bo with all of its features is a great addition to our portfolio and strengthens our position as must have live content provider for operators in Asia but also other core markets across the world.

Edvardas Sadovskis, CPO, BETER Live

In April, BETER Live expanded its live casino product reach thanks to a deal with Betbazar.


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