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Betby CCO Chis Nikolopoulos: “We Listen to Operators Needs and Exceed Expectations”

Betby has recently increased its footprint in Latin America through a brand-new partnership with Juegaenlinea. The deal covers markets in Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, significantly boosting the company’s reach in the region, but also bringing a number of excellent gaming and betting solutions to the markets.

As a dedicated B2B provider of sportsbook solutions, Betby will add value to Juegaenlinea’s offer through an intuitive user interface, a sterling underpinning website infrastructure and a number of products, including traditional sportsbook markets with over 600,000 events a year, virtual sports and a new brand of esports games available through Betby.Games.

Betby is beginning to build its presence in the sports betting industry and its cutting-edge products offers it a great foundation to build on. Everything about Betby’s sportsbook product is innovative, driven by ML & AI algorithms and looking to create next-generation of betting platforms. Today we talk this and more with Betby CCO Chis Nikolopoulos.

Q: Latin America is a burgeoning market that is filled with opportunities. How important is it for you as part of your commercial growth strategy worldwide?

A: Approximately 10% of the world’s population is based in LatAm and the continent’s inhabitants are well-known for being passionate followers of sport. We have had plenty of professional encounters with people from the region, and have discovered that in many cases, they possess an unrivalled mindset of growth. We’ve been following the market closely as a result, as we are satisfied that we will be able to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with operators in the region. We have already been able to do so in several cases, and we look to continue to continue this pattern of behaviour.

Q: How is your sportsbook platform different from what is already on the market? You specifically tout machine learning and artificial intelligence as some of its core features. How do these solutions help improve the experience for consumers and businesses?

A: I would argue that our biggest strength is our ability to really listen to an operator’s specific requests and needs and our focus on delivering a solution that surpasses their expectations. Every request that our development team receives is viewed as a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience and bolster our products’ functionality. We use the most modern software available to cover the full spectrum of a sportsbook’s operations, and we analyse user activity with machine learning and AI in order to detect and predict their behaviour.

Q: You have taken on different challenges, running a traditional sportsbook but also pioneering the Betby.Games “esports” titles. Can you tell us a little more about this product? Has it been received well?

A: Since its launch, the Betby.Games range has been performing better than we had anticipated – so well in fact, that it is now responsible for more than 20% of our GGR, and that’s with it only covering four sports! For us, there is no comparison between the Betby.Games range and other AI-led esports ranges in the industry. The charm of the range is in its ability to be customised and localised to whatever markets our operator partners are present in. We are very proud of our product that has been developed entirely in-house, and we are working on expanding it with more sports, leagues and markets.

Q: Speaking of bringing innovation to the industry, what big plans do you have for 2021?

A: I would hope that 2021 allows everyone to get back to some sense of normality, and slowly start to leave the memories of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us. I’m also hoping that international travel is restored to the various regions around the globe that our partners are based in so that we can eventually meet them! With regards to BETBY, we will continue to think outside of the box, deliver high-quality software solutions, establish our presence worldwide and remain ahead of the innovation curve. We have many exciting products in our roadmap, including more betting content integrations, new layouts and key partnerships. Watch this space!

Q: Has the pandemic been a catalyst for your decision to weigh in more heavily on virtual sports and the Betby.Games? How have the events of the past year or so impacted your business?

A: It’s a fact that the Betby.Games range has been a key expansion point for us in combatting the effects of the pandemic, especially during those few months where worldwide sporting events were interrupted and betting markets were limited. Then again, we were planning to launch the range regardless of the circumstances.

The pandemic has hit everyone in the world in some form and we haven’t been entirely unaffected, but at BETBY we are always looking ahead and we are prepared to do whatever we can to overcome any difficulties, and that includes a worldwide pandemic. I believe that the industry, after the initial shock, responded promptly and effectively in shifting its focus to alternative gaming experiences. Now that we are a year on from the pandemic’s initial outburst in Europe, I would say that our business is no longer being impaired by the virus. The future is looking bright.


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