February 8, 2022 3 min read


BetBoom Turns to Oddin.gg to Tap Esports Market in Russia

There have been many rumors that esports betting is on the up. While the numbers are a little hard to come by, this has not stopped BetBoom, a Russian bookmaker and betting platform, from committing to the segment. To achieve this, the company is teaming up with Oddin.gg, an advanced provider of esports betting data and solutions, which will empower the operator and allow it to achieve its goals by entering the space.

Oddin.gg is fully focused on providing advanced reads of esports betting data and odds and has been rapidly expanding its footprint across numerous markets that are becoming aware of esports potential. The company teamed up with BetU, and it also obtained permission to launch in New Jersey several weeks ago. BetBoom has welcomed the introduction of Oddin to its platform.

Esports’ Potential Not Wasted on BetBoom 

Company CMO Petr Kip argued that esports has immense potential in Russia. Russia’s Team Spirit recently won The International 10, an event with the eye-watering $40 million in prize money. Now, BetBoom wants to make sure that the platform is a leader in the region, where it already faces strong opposition from platforms such as Parimatch. However, Kip is a man with a plan:

“This is why we’re extremely happy to partner with Oddin.gg. Its solution will allow us to offer the best product in the market. Oddin.gg’s technology has no equal in the industry; betting lines are available almost all the time, and there are myriad live markets with extensive coverage.”

BetBoom CMO Petr Kip

He is confident that by introducing Oddin to BetBoom’s platform, the website will see a boost in current profitability and begin to appeal to the massive esports audiences out there. Esports needs no introduction in Russia. The country has a long and established lineage in games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where it has been producing some of the most talented players in those games. 

BetBoom Makes Good Entry Partner in Brazil 

Oddin.gg managing director Marek Suchar has welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with BetBoom. Suchar confirmed that this partnership would allow Oddin to expand in the highly-promising Russian market as well. 

“Esports in Russia has been booming for a couple of years. Therefore it is only logical that BetBoom wanted to move fast, improving its solution to satisfy users’ high demands.”

Oddin.gg managing director Marek Suchar

Suchar feels confident that through Oddin’s solutions, BetBoom is going to see an increased level of betting volume, gross gaming revenue, and engagement. There is no better partner for the company at this point, Suchar added, than BetBoom to break into the Russian esports betting market. 


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