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31.4M Americans Want to Bet Legally on Super Bowl LVI

America’s appetite for good betting action on the Big Game grows as Super Bowl LVI is right around the corner. Set for Sunday, February 13, the game is often equated to a national celebration. This time around, the American Gaming Association (AGA) predicts that betting handle should go up 35% percent year-over-year.

Total Sports Betting Handle Expected to Go Up

AGA uses 2021 as a reference to how much the total number of bettors will increase during the Sunday action. This should translate to some 31.4 million adults ready to plonk down a wager on either the Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams.

AGA predicts that $7.61 billion will be placed on the game. That is up 78% from last year’s results in terms of the total amount wagered. Some 18.2 million people will be betting either online or at retail sportsbooks. Another 18.5 million Americans will opt for a more casual form of betting. They will mostly join pools or squares contests or bet casually against friends.

However, AGA has seen a significant increase in betting activity. The association attributes it to the ongoing legislative efforts that have enabled people in 30 states and District Columbia to legally place a wager. Breaking down the numbers further, AGA estimates that the increase in traditional bettors has been at least 78%, and the casual betting audience has increased by another 23%.

Commenting on these results, AGA president and CEO Bill Miller said that it was evident that Americans are now keener to bet with regulated betting websites and operators.

One very notable trend change was the mass realization that legal sportsbooks are better than their offshore or unlicensed counterparts. Some 76% now report that it’s important to them to place their bets legally. That contrasts with the 11% from a year before. Taking a look at how people would bet, they seem to be back the Rams (55%) against the Cincinnati Bengals (45%).

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