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BetBlocker Expands Dutch Gaming Market Reach

BetBlocker has announced that it will now be available on the Dutch market as the Netherlands moves towards the full-scale regulation of its gambling industry. The tool that helps consumers track their gambling habits and enforces responsible gambling practices will now be available in Dutch after previously expanding the company’s offer to the country through an L&L Europe partnership. 

BetBlocker Wants to Speak Gamblers’ Language 

BetBlocker is registered as a UK charity and is used free of charge. It serves as an additional help to anyone who wants to restrict access to gambling websites with a simple on/off switch. The app is designed to appeal to vulnerable consumers, but also protect regular gamblers who may be spending more time or money on their hobby than is advisable.

This solution comes on top of the existing responsible gambling tools that iGaming and betting websites provide to allow consumers to self-exclude or track their total spending. BetBlocker believes that expanding its offer into other languages is a natural progression for it. While restrictions will work for any consumer in any country, adding native language support could be of additional help to at-risk gamblers.

Charity trustee and founder Duncan Garvie, in introducing an additional language to the solution, stated, “Expanding BetBlocker to other language markets has always been a clear objective for the service. The most significant barrier to taking this step is providing native language support due to the staffing costs involved.”

He commented on the partnership with L&L Europe, arguing that it was a symbolic relationship that allows the charity to further expand its efforts in protecting vulnerable players. Similarly, L&L Europe demonstrates a commitment to the same values put forward by BetBlocker. 

Expanding in Native Languages Is Crucial 

“We hope that this will be the first of many such partnerships with the industry that will allow us to offer our service in a variety of languages,” Garvie added. L&L Europe head of product development and marketing manager Jan Wienk said that he was extremely pleased to see a gambling block application finally available in Dutch. 

Wienk acknowledged that this initiative showed that L&L Europe is not just compliant with responsible gambling, but that the company is also helping raise the standards across the industry. Responsible gambling is an underpinning focus of all regulated markets, and the Dutch gaming market is one of the strictest insofar as consumer protections go. 


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