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BetBlocker Becomes Charity in UK, Seeks Expansion

ThePOGG-backed project, BetBlocker, has become a standalone charity recognized in the United Kingdom. The goal of the initiative is to help gamblers have a quick and easy access to self-exclusion tools.  

BetBlocker Becomes Charity Fighting Gambling Addiction

The free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker has been approved as an official charity in the United Kingdom, the company reported in a press release.  

The project is backed Alternative Dispute Mediation Service Ltd, which has overseen its development and funding.

BetBlocker is created as a universal attempt to help players who feel at risk of sliding into gambling addiction.

As of the time of the release, BetBlocker has been linked with 6,700 gambling operators. If a player chooses to, their device will be immediately restricted and they won’t be able to gamble from said device until the restriction is lifted.

Speaking on the occasion of the release, The Manager Duncan Garvie had this to say:

“We started BetBlocker to assist vulnerable player who were complaining to our service about gambling operators.

The project has proved to be far more popular that we ever expected and has expanded far beyond the original userbase it was intended to help.

It has become abundantly clear that the service that BetBlocker offers is one that a large number of people could benefit from.”

Mr. Garvie further noted that the popularity of the app, with over 40,000 downloads as of the time of reporting, had shown the company that to be able to scale the tool, it would need additional help.

As a result, Mr. Garvie and his team at ThePOGG have decided to spin off the project so it can be recognized in ‘its own right’ and more importantly – help the largest number of people possible.

BetBlocker for a Safe and Sustainable Future

Debating the best possible course of action, Mr. Garvie has ruled against charging users a small fee, as that would have been against the grain of the project’s stated mission.

Instead, BetBlocker will focus on reaching out to companies and charities, and anyone who champions Responsible Gambling the same way Mr. Garvie’s project does.

He further said that he remains optimistic about partnerships with interested charitable and business parties. At the core, all efforts to attract investors are done with the sole purpose of providing the most useful service possible.

Players may also donate, Mr. Garvie noted, or failing that – they could use the special Amazon Smile program, which allows BetBlocker to claim a small fee off any Amazon purchase, but without adding any fees to users.

“With enough people making small contributions in this manner we can ensure that BetBlocker remains available for anyone who feels they need support to control their gambling,” Mr Garvie conclude.

While small donations may not look like much, BetBlocker also started as a modest project which has quickly gathered momentum.

Interested parties are welcome to contact BetBlocker and Mr. Garvie. Meanwhile, a full list of gambling charities in the United Kingdom is available at the UK Gambling Commission’s website.

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