May 24, 2023 3 min read


Bet365’s Hillside Technology Drives Industry Advances with New Division

The Platform Innovation Hub aims to foster the development of cutting-edge technologies in the online gambling industry, leveraging Bet365’s impressive ecosystem

Hillside Technology Limited, a subsidiary of the renowned online gambling operator Bet365, revealed the creation of the new division as a response to the rapid proliferation of promising emerging technologies. This strategic move reinforces Hillside Technology’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences across Bet365’s platforms.

New Advances Threaten to Disrupt the Status Quo

Launching the Platform Innovation Hub marks a significant milestone for Hillside Technology. This department will establish a creative space for the company’s talented engineers, developers, and technology experts to collaborate, experiment, and drive innovation within the online gambling sector. The Hub’s team will also feature specialists recruited outside the Bet365 ecosystem, ensuring a fresh, unbiased approach.

Hillside Technology recognizes that continuous technological advancements are vital to maintaining Bet365’s Competitive edge in the highly dynamic and fast-paced digital gambling industry. By combining diverse skill sets and fostering a culture of innovation, the Platform Innovation Hub aims to explore cutting-edge technologies, develop new solutions, and enhance the operator’s solutions.

Looking forward, we want to take the next quantum leap. Doing so will require looking outward and exploring the new technologies and processes. 

Alan Reed, head of platform innovation

The Platform Innovation Hub will provide Hillside Technology’s experts with the resources and environment necessary to explore a wide range of potentially beneficial technologies. According to Reed, innovations like the Metaverse, Bitcoin, and ChatGPT could disrupt Bet365, necessitating a better understanding of the emerging trends in the technology space.

The Operator Remains Reliant on Technology Imports

Bet365 is fully aware of the growing trends toward digital sports betting. However, the operator still heavily relies on partnerships with outside technology suppliers to cover its needs, putting it at a distinct disadvantage in today’s fast-paced and competitive industry environment. Subsidiaries like Hillside Technology will be instrumental in fostering a more self-sufficient and adaptable approach better suited to take advantage of rapid technological developments.

The strength of our product and the creativity of the people who engineer it has ensured we’ve continued to lead the market. 

Alan Reed, head of platform innovation

Through the Platform Innovation Hub, Hillside Technology and Bet365 aim to be at the forefront of shaping the future of online gambling. The new division is poised to leverage the operator’s vast expertise and resources, hopefully creating better refined and customer-centric solutions. An in-depth understanding of the latest technologies will help consolidate Bet365‘s leadership position, empower customers, and drive engagement.

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