April 12, 2023 3 min read


Bet365 Commissions a New Streaming Solution from iGameMedia and Theo Technologies

The leading online sports betting operator will receive a cutting-edge, low-latency platform helping deliver the ultimate sports betting experience

Thanks to the new solution, bet365 customers will enjoy a seamless and engaging live streaming experience, enabling them to watch and bet on live sporting events. iGamingMedia’s B2B broadcasting expertise and THEO Technologies’ industry-leading video player services should make a potent combination, providing the operator with an updated platform that will stand the test of time.

Both Developers Are Experts in Their Fields

The partnership between iGameMedia and Theo Technologies brings together two leading companies in the sports betting and streaming industries. iGameMedia is a trusted partner to many high-profile sportsbooks, offering global ultra-low latency HD content. Its extensive history as a leading sports broadcaster provides a nuanced understanding of the industry and the needs of sports betting fans worldwide.

Meanwhile, Theo Technologies specializes in video streaming technology, offering select solutions to deliver high-quality content to users across multiple platforms and devices. The company’s video player technology has won several awards, showcasing the developer’s commitment to quality and innovation. iGameMedia and Theo Technologies have everything necessary to deliver a top-of-the-line, future-proof product.

Streaming Will Be Faster than Ever

Bet365’s current HLS-based streaming service has a latency of up to eight seconds, which can prove fatal during high-intensity plays. In contrast, the upcoming upgraded offering will offer an ultra-low latency response of only two seconds, helping bettors stay in sync with live data feeds and enabling them to capture the best opportunities.

The combination of two leading developers should incorporate the best of their respective offerings, delivering a next-generation platform. iGameMedia CEO Mike Cobain was excited to partner with THEO Technologies and leverage their ultra-low-latency service to create a highly scalable cost-optimized B2C solution. He hinted at future cooperation plans, likely leveraging the success of the upcoming platform.

Together with the incredible THEO team, we are now ready… to go live with the first viable B2C solution for the industry.

Mike Cobain, iGameMedia CEO

THEO Technologies CEO Steven Tielemans was likely optimistic regarding the project, calling it a true game-changer for the sports betting industry. He was thrilled to partner with an experienced industry leader like iGameMedia, spearheading a ground-breaking solution with the potential to disrupt the entire sector. Unveiling the new platform with a high-profile operator like bet365 should truly showcase the technology’s potential, hopefully drawing interest across the sports betting industry.

Rights owners can deliver their sports content to… operators in less than a second…, while sportsbooks will provide a massively enhanced experience to their users.

Steven Tielemans, THEO Technologies CEO

The new streaming solution will debut in May 2023 exclusively with bet365 and partnering agency Infront Bettor. It perfectly highlights the growing opportunities for companies delivering high-quality digital solutions to sports betting operators and the importance of partnerships and collaborations in driving innovation and growth in a dynamic and fast-growing market.

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