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Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Gambling Across Multiple US States

As investigations progress and charges are pursued, the unmistakable message remains that the United States will not tolerate illegal gambling

In a concerted effort to combat illegal gambling activities, law enforcement agencies across several US states have launched raids resulting in multiple arrests and the seizure of significant assets. Recent operations have targeted various venues suspected of hosting illicit gambling operations, ranging from storefronts to internet cafes.

Authorities Apprehend Suspects in Flint and Dayton Illegal Gambling Raids

In Flint, Michigan, two individuals, Linos Antonio Kas-Mikha and Robert Jamerson, were apprehended for allegedly running an unlicensed gambling operation. The raid, conducted by local authorities, uncovered 11 slot machines and 13 computers believed to be used for illegal gaming activities. 

Michigan Gaming Control Board Executive Director, Henry Williams, emphasized the importance of holding offenders accountable to maintain community safety and uphold legal gaming standards.

Similarly, in Dayton, Ohio, law enforcement authorities, in collaboration with the Ohio Casino Control Commission, raided the Lucky Day Internet Café following reports of illegal gambling. While no arrests were made during the operation, investigators seized numerous gambling machines and cash as potential evidence, signaling a crackdown on unlawful gambling establishments in the region.

Law Enforcement Raids Uncover Illegal Activity in Rowan County and Atlantic City

Meanwhile, in Rowan County, North Carolina, the Sheriff’s Office executed search warrants at two local gambling establishments, the Shark Tank in Salisbury, and VIP2 in Woodleaf. The raids, prompted by months-long investigations, revealed a history of violence, weapons violations, and drug-related activities associated with these establishments. Sheriff Travis Allen underscored the warnings issued to the businesses before the raids, indicating a concerted effort to address public nuisance and criminality.

Furthermore, a recent raid in Atlantic City targeted an alleged cockfighting operation, resulting in 50 arrests and the confiscation of $37,000 in cash. Authorities uncovered a sophisticated setup, including a fighting ring and spectator seating, indicative of a well-organized operation. 

The property owner, Jose Madera, faces multiple charges, including animal cruelty and drug-related offenses, underscoring the seriousness of such illegal activities.

Additionally, fifty individuals from Vineland, Camden, and Philadelphia have faced criminal charges for their purported involvement in the cockfighting operation. However, it’s important to note that these charges remain just allegations for the time being.

These crackdowns underscore law enforcement’s commitment to curbing illicit gambling operations, which pose threats to public safety and welfare.

By dismantling these establishments and prosecuting offenders, authorities aim to safeguard communities and uphold the integrity of legal gaming regulations. As investigations continue and charges are pursued, the message is clear: illegal gambling will not be tolerated in the US, and perpetrators will be held accountable for their actions.


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