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Casino Thieves Face Charges and Prosecution; NC Police Raid Illegal Dens

Casinos in Pennsylvania and Louisiana report instances of thievery; North Carolina’s authorities crack down on illegal gambling dens

A man in a motorized wheelchair has stolen $5,000 from another guest at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The incident occurred on March 8 but was only made public last Friday.

According to the local reports, the victim was playing slot games at the Pittsburgh property. After cashing out and placing his money in his pocket, he returned to the machines. As the man continued playing, the money fell out of his pocket without him noticing.

The money fell behind the victim’s chair and was soon spotted by an unidentified Caucasian man in a motorized wheelchair. Instead of returning the money, the man in the wheelchair picked up the money, which contained $5,000 in $100 bills and proceeded to leave the property.

Local authorities believe that the suspect, probably aged between 50 and 60, took the subway and got off at the T-station between Pittsburgh Casino and Acrisure Stadium.  

Speaking of Rivers Casino, two employees were recently arrested in a roulette cheating conspiracy.

Woman Who Allegedly Murdered Child Was Accused of Stealing from a Casino Goer

Elsewhere, a black woman was accused of stealing more than $1,000 worth of items from a man at the Queen Casino in Baton Rouge.

The victim originally met the woman, later identified as Dineshia Yates, on October 15. He invited her to his apartment and, eventually, the two left the casino in separate vehicles and convened at the man’s apartment at approximately 6 am.

While at the apartment, he went to take a shower. When he finished, Yates was nowhere to be seen. To make matters worse, his car keys, wallet, phone and $350 wristwatch were missing. He later found that approximately $850 was missing from his car and later received notifications of unauthorized transactions from Cashapp totaling $700.

Yates was arrested and booked into the East Baton Rouge Prison. This isn’t her only crime, however, as she was also arrested in February and charged with principal to second-degree murder and principal to simple batter for allegations of beating her 3-year-old girl. Yates and three other people, including a mother and two juveniles, are suspected of being involved in the murder. Yates herself was released on bond on those charges.   

NC Authorities Raided Illegal Gambling Rings

In the meantime, North Carolina officials have raided two illegal gambling dens, seizing thousands of dollars in cash, many machines and several illegal firearms.

The two raided dens included Shark Tank in Salisbury and VIP2 in Woodleaf. A total of $67,670 was seized, in addition to 116 computers and three guns. Five gambling devices, six fish game tables and two money counters were also taken.

The raids come after multiple instances of violence, drug activity and firearm charges at the two properties. Rowan County Sheriff Travis Allen warned illegal operators that the state will do everything in its power to shut down locations that are “hotbeds of criminal activity.”

Earlier this month, a raid of an illegal cockfighting ring led to 50 arrests and the seizure of $37,000.  


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