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Two Rivers Casino Employees Arrested in Roulette Cheating Conspiracy

The two suspects’ harmful practices allegedly cost the venue over $10,000, highlighting the need for thorough monitoring and accountability

State police have arrested two employees of Rivers Casino following an investigation into what authorities describe as a complex cheating conspiracy at a Roulette table. Robin Schnepp, a table games dealer, and supervisor Anthony Laush stand accused of aiding at least two players in cheating on multiple occasions, resulting in significant winnings.

A Roulette Game Quirk Allowed for an Exploit

Pennsylvania law enforcement initiated the investigation after Rivers Casino received an anonymous letter a few months ago detailing concerns about irregularities with Interblock Roulette. A regular patron who wished to remain anonymous shared his observations with news outlet WPXI, noting several suspicious occurrences during his visits to the casino.

In the past year, I noticed a couple glitches with it, with the digital number coming up and the delay.

Rivers Casino patron

The reported manipulation occurred with Interblock Roulette, a game that requires the dealer to manually spin the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel. Allegedly, when this manual spinning does not occur, sensors fail to detect that the wheel has been spun, allowing players to continue placing bets even after the ball has landed on a number and the outcome has been determined.

According to state law enforcement, surveillance footage captured Schnepp spinning the roulette ball incorrectly on multiple occasions, followed by a man and a woman increasing their bets after the ball had landed. Laush reportedly validated these spins, with each player walking away with over $2,000 in fraudulent winnings.

The Suspects Will Appear in Court

Police speculate that the two suspects had an arrangement with the two players and received a share of the spoils. In addition to the cheating at the Roulette table, Laush also allegedly loaded fraudulent comps onto the account of one of the players involved. The motive behind this action remains unclear.

This incident marks another case of potential criminal activity by staff. December saw a report that a Rivers casino manager in Pittsburgh reportedly stole $20,000 from the cashiers’ cage, raising concerns regarding the staff’s integrity. A casino representative briefly commented on the most recent case, noting the venue fully cooperated with law enforcement.

Schnepp and Laush’s preliminary court hearings are scheduled for 2 April. Their activities allegedly cost the casino over $10,000, and they will likely face several accompanying charges. While the legal process unfolds, establishments like Rivers Casino must uphold the highest standards of professionalism and accountability to retain the trust of their patrons. 

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