January 30, 2024 2 min read


Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Witnesses a Jackpot Streak

In less than a week, nearly a dozen lucky visitors secured jackpot prizes after playing at the popular casino

Currently, Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is renowned for its supreme hospitality and unrivaled entertainment. The casino is known as one of the most popular gambling and entertainment destinations for Pennsylvania and only recently, paid out its biggest jackpot.

Back in August 2022, Rivers Casino Pittsburgh paid out a $1.2 million jackpot, a record for the venue. However, the long-standing record was finally broken last week after a lucky winner hit a mouth-watering $1.39 million jackpot while playing Fortune Pai Gow Poker.

But the winning streak did not stop there, with nearly a dozen jackpots dropping over the last week alone. A handful of visitors at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh who played Aristorcat’s Dollar Storm slot game hit five-digit jackpots, the casino announced Tuesday. All three wins from Dollar Storm happened on the same day, Saturday.

One lucky visitor scooped up a hefty $25,686.32 jackpot while playing the popular slot game. Moreover, another gambler also walked out with a jackpot by hitting the game’s $25,042.13 grand prize. Last but not least, as noted, again on Saturday, a third fortunate gambler hit the jackpot from Dollar Storm, taking home $25,088.62.

More Lucky Visitors Secure Jackpot Prizes

On the other hand, Saturday was the lucky day for another Rivers Casino Pittsburgh visitor. The gambler, whose name was not disclosed, hit a staggering $11,894.05 jackpot with a tiny $0.88 wager.

Before that, on Friday, Rivers Casino Pittsburgh released details regarding more five-digit jackpots that dropped recently.

A player at the venue secured a $10,000 Black and White Double Jackpot, while another took home a $12,759 grand prize from playing Piggy Pennies. The Dancing Drums Prosperity slot machine also paid out a big jackpot with one lucky visitor taking home the game’s grand prize, $14,636.26 last week.

Last but not least, a fortunate guest at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh secured a jackpot prize after playing the Jewel of the Dragon slot machine. The person was lucky enough to hit the game’s grand prize, securing a $15,152 payday.


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  • Debbie Snitcher
    January 31, 2024 at 1:38 am

    I decided to not play Rivers anymore because it seemed like every time you played online and you won something. You didn’t win anything until whatever you want you paid back.

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