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Arkansas Woman Wins $2.34M LOTTO Jackpot

The lucky woman said that she spend the money to go on a trip, buy a new house and gift a brand new motorcycle to her husband

A lucky player has finally claimed the $2,338,000 LOTTO jackpot in Arkansas, 5 News reported. According to the local news outlet, the huge jackpot was claimed by an anonymous woman from Sebastian County.

The woman took the $2.3 million home after it had remained unclaimed for a week and a half. The lottery was drawn on Saturday, April 29, but was not claimed until May 8.

Although the winner refused to share her name, she will go down into history as the first-ever jackpot winner on LOTTO, Arkansas’ newest lottery offering. She won by matching the six main numbers, which in this case were 20, 12, 27, 10, 6 and 21.

As per local customs, the shop that sold the ticket, Winners Corner, will receive a $23,380 commission for selling the winning ticket. In Arkansas, retailers receive a 1% commission from the sale of all winning lottery products.

The Woman Wanted to Give LOTTO a Try

The anonymous Sebastian County woman commented on her win. She admitted that she is usually a Natural State Jackpot or Lucky for Life player. However, seeing that the LOTTO jackpot is high, she decided to test her luck and give the new lottery products a try.

At first, the woman was unaware that she had won the jackpot. Right after the drawing, Jackpocket sent her a congratulatory email, inviting her to claim her prize. However, she only discovered that she is a winner after she was called on the next Monday morning.

The woman said that she was reluctant to pick up the call because it was from New York. At first, she didn’t answer but after hearing the voicemail, she immediately called back.

The woman was shocked to learn that she had won $2.3 million. She immediately told her husband who, at first, did not believe her and thought she was fooling around.

Speaking of her plans for the money, the woman said that the first thing on the list would be a nice family trip. After that, she and her family plan to buy a new house. Finally, the woman promised to buy her husband a new motorcycle to celebrate the victory.

In other news, Relax Gaming just crowned another Dream Drop jackpot winner, paying out $2.55 million to the lucky player. At the same time, a Sycuan Casino Resort “won” an impressive 18-figure jackpot because of a system malfunction.


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