May 5, 2023 3 min read


Woman Wins 18-Figure Video Craps Jackpot, Asks for the Rules

A video showing a woman hitting an 18-figure jackpot at Sycuan Casino Resort, likely the result of a malfunction, goes viral on TikTok

Winning a jackpot is always exciting, regardless of how big the payout is. While there are a lucky few to take home a hefty jackpot prize, is there a chance to win a jackpot that is so big that you cannot even read out loud the number? Judging by a new viral video on TikTok, apparently, sometimes a jackpot can be as much as an 18-figure number.

The video was released last week, by an online user nicknamed “djbabycakezzz” and quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views, comments and likes. It showed a woman that played on what appears to be a video craps machine. The lucky woman, judging by what is seen in the video, hit the jackpot of the game.

Strangely enough, the jackpot sum displayed on the screen was something that likely no one has ever seen before $184,467,440,737,095,488.00 or a sum surpassing quadrillion dollars. The online user tagged Sycuan Casino Resort, a popular resort located in San Diego, California, as the location where the jackpot was hit.

Jackpot May Be the Result of Glitch, Malfunction

Undoubtedly, it would be exciting to hit a jackpot that is literally an unlimited amount of money, which is what happened to “djbabycakezzz.” Sadly, there’s no casino in the world that can make such a payout nor any casino that offers quadrillion-dollar jackpots, which leads to the conclusion that the video craps machine glitched or encountered some type of malfunction. It’s important to mention that no data suggests that an error or malfunction occurred, but given the number displayed on the screen, this is likely the case.

Earlier this week, Sycuan Casino Resort posted on Facebook a celebratory message congratulating the jackpot winners from last week. Some 40 people hit different jackpots at the casino that were in the range of $5,000 to $25,000.

It’s no surprise that Sycuan Casino didn’t mention the quadrillion-dollar jackpot given that it was likely due to a malfunction. If indeed this was the case, there’s a high chance the visitor that hit that jackpot left home without anything, given that most casinos have strict policies that void bets or wins that are the result of an error or a malfunction. Yet, an official statement on the case from Sycuan Casino as of Friday was not released.

The viral video got the attention of many users online some of which claimed that casinos pay out nothing in case of such glitches or malfunctions. Others found the video quite funny with one user nicknamed EJ Controy writing: “She literally won the entire Universe.” Some joked that the lucky lady won an amount of money that doesn’t even exist currently.


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