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Kambi Group Plc, Next in Line for a Potential Takeover?

Kambi Group Plc has been rumored to be potentially attractive for a number of companies, according to Eilers & Krejcik Gaming experts

The Swedish provider of technology for the gaming industry might be next in line for a takeover, according to the freshest Eilers & Krejcik Gaming (EKG) research included in their most recent EKG Line report. 

Kambi Group Not Idly Waiting for a Potential Suitor 

According to EKG, Kambi’s repayment of the $8.3 million Kindred Group convertible bond has done an excellent job at successfully removing an overhang to a possible future acquisition. 

At the same time, the same experts noted that the independent sportsbook that has partnered with visionary operators around the globe is not patiently waiting for a potential buyer to come knocking. On the contrary, their share repurchase program might be a clear indicator of the exact opposite. 

In 2022, Kambi removed a poison pill provision that had been fending off all unsolicited offers for acquisition by selling stock to various investors at prices below the market value. 

Now that the respective provision has vanished, the Business-to-Business provider of sports betting services has turned into a much easier target for potential buyers.

Plus, the much-anticipated mergers and acquisitions that are expected to occur in the sports betting industry in 2023 and beyond wagering will be targeting technology providers as sellers, thus building the case for Kambi to be next in line for an important takeover.

Potential Buyers for the Group: Apollo Global Partners, Bally’s & MGM

Among the main interested parties with the potential to make a run at the Group, we can mention a number of reputable operators in the gaming industry, along with private equity firms. Names like Apollo Global Partners and Bally’s are on top of the list. 

The latter has already inked a fresh technology partnership with the Swedish group earlier in the week. The agreement features a series of provisions that would enable Bally’s to acquire Kambi’s source code in the foreseeable future.

Apollo Global Partners is searching for means to monetize the Yahoo Sports asset using sports wagering. Kambi might be just what they are looking for, especially thanks to their already existing connections via Apollo-owned Great Canadian and Wagr. Apollo also features a front-end technology partnership with Shape Games which is also under Kambi’s ownership. 

According to the same EKG report, MGM Resorts International is another big name that might consider taking over Kambi. Even though the chances that the NYSE-listed casino company to purchase the Sweden-based group are slim, MGM has expressed its desire to obtain ownership over Kambi’s iGaming and sports betting technology. 

The fact that Kambi is already part of MGM’s LeoVegas platform could increase the chances of turning into a potential target for MGM. However, the fact that the decision might also lead to the loss of business-to-business clients, believes EKG, might be a deal breaker. 

At the start of May, MGM Resorts’ LeoVegas announced it acquired Push Gaming as a means of speeding up its global growth. 

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