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Aristocrat Gaming Begins Distribution of NFL Super Bowl Jackpots

The new game is the culmination of two years of partnership with the National Football League and the NFL Players Association

Gaming content and technology provider Aristocrat Gaming announced that it has begun the distribution of the highly anticipated NFL Super Bowl Jackpots to casinos across the United States. This will allow casino players to experience exciting gaming experiences where they can choose to play their favorite NFL team.

Allowing fans to pick among the 32 NFL clubs, the launch of the new game coincides with the beginning of the new football season.

NFL Super Bowl Jackpots is set to be the first in a series of new games that will be available at 27 casinos across eight states. Players in select casinos in Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon and Arizona will be able to try out the new products months before their general launch in the US.

Interested players can learn more about the new NFL game by visiting Aristocrat Gaming’s official website.

Aristocrat Is Excited about the Release

Aristocrat Gaming’s chief executive officer, Hector Fernandez, commented on the new release. He said that NFL Super Bowl Jackpots is the culmination of two years of partnership with the National Football League and the NFL Players Association.

After nearly two years of collaboration with the NFL and NFL Players Association, we finally get to see these game-changing machines in action.

Hector Fernandez, CEO, Aristocrat Gaming

Fernandez thanked his passionate team and everyone who made the new release possible.

Aristocrat Gaming remains committed to releasing engaging and yet responsible games that comply with all the applicable regulations. The supplier’s goal is to empower casino players by allowing them to experience all the excitement with almost none of the risk.

The company’s new release is coordinated with the NFL, which is just as committed to promoting safe and responsible gambling.

In other news, Aristocrat Gaming just provided a generous donation of $500,000 to the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, highlighting its commitment to supporting the future of the gambling sector.

At the beginning of this month, Aristocrat Gaming suffered a cyberattack but luckily was quick to react and implement remediation measures. While employee data was compromised, the company didn’t anticipate lasting consequences for its business or workers.


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