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Aristocrat Suffers Cyberattack, Implements Remediation Measures

Employee information was leaked but thanks to Aristocrat’s quick action, risk for its business and workers has been brought to a minimum

Aristocrat Leisure, a global gaming content and technology company, just suffered another devastating cyberattack. As a result, personal information belonging to employees was leaked.

According to the company, a criminal hacker exploited a newly identified vulnerability in MOVEit, a third-party file-sharing software employed by Aristocrat.

The announcement claims that the hacker leveraged the vulnerability to extract data from a company server. Unfortunately, personal information belonging to Aristocrat employees was also compromised in this process.

To make matters worse, the criminals have already published extracts of the stolen data on the web.

Aristocrat Listed Its Remediation Measures

As a company committed to high probity standards and the protection of its employees’ privacy, Aristocrat took immediate action to patch up the aforementioned vulnerability.

The company listed the steps it has taken to protect its business from further harm. First of all, Aristocrat immediately took action to contain the incident and remediate the MOVEit software vulnerability.

In addition, the company contacted law enforcement bodies and relevant regulators about the incident. At the same time, Aristocrat is now working with independent experts to determine the nature of the stolen data and mitigate the damages.

Finally, Aristocrat advised all of its employees to protect their data and offered them complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection services.

Aristocrat added that it has assessed the potential impact on its business. The company is certain that its quick action will mitigate the damages. The company vowed to remain vigilant and serve the interest of its employees and stakeholders.

Based on the information available as of this date, Aristocrat expects low business impact with the execution of an appropriate risk management and mitigation plan. We will continue to manage this incident proactively and comprehensively, in the best interests of our people, business and other stakeholders.

Aristocrat’s Business Is Doing Well Despite the Attack

The cyberattack aside, Aristocrat’s business has been doing well, as affirmed by its stellar financial results. In H1, the company metrics skyrocketed, highlighting the efficiency of Aristocrat’s business strategy.

The company is currently exploring options for further growth, including the proposed acquisition of NeoGames. Aristocrat’s chief product officer, Matthew Primmer, argued, that the billion-dollar deal will enable Aristocrat to enter the iGaming and iLottery verticals. The arrangement secured the approval of an overwhelming majority of NeoGames’ shareholders.

Meanwhile, Aristocrat prepares to launch its first NFL slot machine in September 2023, just in time for the upcoming football season.


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