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ANJ in France Calls for Strict Rules for Gambling Sponsorships

The new guidelines seek to protect minors, decrease the rate of excessive gambling and fight against illegal operators

The independent gambling Authority in France, Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), published a new set of guidelines and recommendations involving sports partnerships in the country. Details about the new guidelines emerged Thursday and the Authority explained that they come at a pivotal moment, given the drastic increase in sports gambling partnerships in France over the last few years.

Ultimately, the new guidelines seek to ensure the protection of minors from gambling and at the same time curb the rate of problem or pathological gambling. Within broader terms, the guidelines seek to fight against illegal operators that are offering their services in France via contracts and agreements with sports clubs, teams, federations, athletes and leagues.

In its recent statement, the ANJ explained that different European countries have already prohibited deals between gambling companies and sports organizations. Examples pointed out by the Authority include the Netherlands and Belgium, two countries that have already banned sports partnerships with gambling operators. Similarly, the ANJ reminded that Switzerland, Italy and Spain are soon to implement such a ban as well.

Today, the ANJ presents guidelines which express the reading that the ANJ makes of the positive law applicable in the matter and recommendations, non-prescriptive, corresponding to good practices. They include three parts devoted to: the protection of minors, the prevention of excessive or pathological gambling and the fight against illegal operators,

explains a statement released by the ANJ

Guidelines Plan to Reduce Problem Gambling, Protect Minors

According to the ANJ, given that athletes may appeal to minors, the use of their image for the promotion of gambling needs to be prohibited. Additionally, the Authority recommended logos of gambling operators be excluded from any shirts that are designated in sizes for children. Further recommendations that protect minors include strengthening the messages reminding that gambling activities are forbidden for anyone under the age of 18.

In an effort to reduce at-risk or problem gambling, the ANJ’s guidelines call for the prohibition of the “representation of athletes, referees and other players in competitions in a position to bet on their sport in commercial communications.” To further protect consumers from excessive gambling, the guidelines propose the display of warning messages for all advertising communication of gambling products and the inclusion of such messages within “commercial animations” too.

One important proposed change is the prohibition of sports leagues, teams or athletes to forge partnerships with operators that are offering their services illegally in France and engage in active advertising. Building on that recommendation, the ANJ proposed sports teams or organizations to consult with the Authority prior to signing agreements with gambling operators.

The new guidelines and recommendations come at a time when France has seen an uptick in gambling partnerships with sports leagues and athletes. As an example, the ANJ said that for a single year, an increase of 20% in gambling sponsorships was observed to €‎34 million ($36.4 million) in 2022.


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