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Grand Casino Luzern Picks Regula to Up KYC Compliance for mycasino

The established land-based gambling giant has selected a trusted ID verification company, Regula, to help it strengthen its online casino operations

This comes as Grand Casino Luzern faces stiffer competition from local operators that are equally determined to secure the highest possible market share. To achieve this, companies have been transitioning from land-based-only operations to adding online casinos. Mycasino, Grand Casino Luzern’s digital gambling arm, has been one of those.

Regula Helps with New Player Onboarding and Eliminates Mistakes

Now, the casino will leverage Regula’s advanced ID verification solutions that are based on manual checks and allow the operator to achieve the highest possible standard when it comes to identifying a customer and verifying important information about them. This is done to avoid money laundering, strengthen counter-terrorism financing, and generally protect consumers from irresponsible gambling patterns.

Mycasino has picked Regula Document Reader SDK following a recommendation from BW2, a business partner. Regula’s tool makes it possible to recognize the uploaded identity documents and verify them as genuine (or not) in seconds.

This means that mycasino’s staff will have a powerful tool that not only strengthens the compliance side of the business but similarly allows the company to speed onboarding along, reduce manual workload, and further reduce the chance of misreading a document or entering inaccurate data that could have serious implications for players and the casino.

Regula Document Reader SDK is touted as a well-rounded solution that makes it very easy to look up specific information in a submitted document that will automatically cross-reference information about IDs and decide based on that.

Compliance with Data Laws and Strengthening Security

No IDs are extracted or relayed to third parties, as mycasino is the only entity handling the data. Commenting on this, Grand Casino Luzern CEO Wolfgang Bliem said:

We are very satisfied with the outcome. Implementing Regula’s solution has helped us to be more efficient while maintaining our high standards for quality and compliance.  

Grand Casino Luzern CEO Wolfgang Bliem

Similarly, Regula EVP of identity verification solutions Henry Patishman said that the company was proud to be working with Grand Casino Luzern and start a new chapter for the company in the online gambling vertical, making the verification process smooth for partners and clients.

Switzerland has had an online gambling market for several years now, with the country only allowing local operators to hold licenses and run business activities in the market, as part of pension reform.


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