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Amusnet Extends European Footprint with Four New Regional Offices

The international iGaming solutions provider will establish footholds in Eindhoven, Rome, Madrid, and Athens, allowing it to better cater to its core markets

Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Greece represent significant growth opportunities for Amusnet as the company expands its presence in these regions via strategic collaborations. Securing a physical presence in these jurisdictions will allow the supplier to enhance its services, cater its solutions to local preferences and align with regional gambling regulations.

The Expansion Will Have Long-Term Benefits

The launch of these four regional offices enables Amusnet to be closer to its European partners, providing tailored solutions and personalized support to meet their specific requirements. This proximity substantially improves communication and responsiveness, fostering enhanced collaboration with local operators. Such efforts will ensure maximum effectiveness and compliance with regional regulations.

Decentralizing its operations helps Amusnet gain a competitive edge through enhanced adaptability and flexibility. Each regional office can now closely focus on the specific regulatory landscape and market demands. Amusnet CEO Ivo Georgiev was optimistic that such evolution would lead to enduring success and help the company stand out amidst the competition.

This is an important advantage that sets us apart from numerous gaming providers in Europe.

Ivo Georgiev, Amusnet CEO

Such rapid expansion will require significant investments from the company as it fills its ranks with highly skilled staff familiar with local regulations, challenges, and opportunities. However, Amusnet’s new regional offices should more than offset the company’s investment in the long term, bolstering its brand recognition and elevating its content to new heights. 

Amusnet Remains Focused on Its Core Markets

Europe has become a flourishing iGaming hub, home to some of the industry’s leading brands. Technological advancements, evolving consumer preferences, and regulatory reforms fuel constant growth, providing unmatched opportunities for companies like Amusnet. Its innovative products have won critical acclaim, giving the company the necessary momentum to pursue expansion opportunities.

Amusnet’s choice of countries for its new offices coincides with some of its most influential collaborations, allowing the supplier to better cater to the needs of its partners. June saw the company conclude a milestone deal with Italian B2B technology and services provider Microgame, enabling both businesses to grow their market share and engage with new audiences. 

By establishing a strong local presence in key markets, Amusnet actively participates in the industry’s progress, creating new opportunities for operators and players. This strategic move demonstrates the supplier’s commitment to excellence, compliance, and customer-centricity. As the European iGaming industry thrives, Amusnet’s regional offices will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping its future success.

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