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Amazon to Power Directv with NFL Content

The multinational tech and e-commerce giant Amazon has signed a new deal with Directv, а multichannel video programming distributor. As a result, Amazon will power over 300,000 sports betting locations with its Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football content.

Venues to Get NFL Content for Free

Thanks to the agreement with Amazon, Directv will deliver TNF content to various sports bars, sports betting hubs, lounges, casinos and hotels across the country. The deal, which comes just in time for the next National Football League season, will help Directv engage sports enthusiasts with exciting football content, including pregame, halftime and postgame coverage.

The partnership will open with the last NFL preseason game and will cover all 15 of the regular season matches. Sports hubs will, therefore, be able to supply their customers with the freshest NFL coverage during the entire season.

The best news is that all Directv for Business subscribers will receive the new content for free. This applies to subscribers of the Business Entertainment, Business Xtra, Commercial Choice PLUS, Commercial Entertainment, Commercial Xtra and Commercial Mas Ultra programs.

Directv Is Excited to Engage Sports Fans

Rob Thun, chief content officer at Directv, is excited about the new partnership with Amazon. He noted that sports media continues to evolve and broadcasters should, therefore, focus on delivering best-in-class content. Thun hopes that Directv will remain at the center of the sports media evolution and will continue delivering great experiences to its fans.

He also noted that the agreement with Amazon couldn’t be timelier as companies prepare to engage fans with NFL content.

This agreement between Amazon and Directv for Business comes at an important time when more streaming companies are obtaining exclusive rights to marquee sports programming and fans want to cheer on their teams at home and while out at bars, restaurants and other businesses with friends, family and coworkers.

Rob Thun, COO, Directv

As the new season of the beloved National Football League approaches, more companies seek to ink relevant partnerships and capitalize on the popularity of the sport. Two weeks ago, BetMGM, the self-proclaimed king of online sportsbooks, inked a keystone partnership with the National Football League in Canada. As a result, BetMGM was named NFL’s official sports betting partner in the country.

A month earlier, Betfred, another notable sports betting operator, penned an agreement with the Cincinnati Bengals, an NFL Franchise from Ohio. This move preceded Betfred’s launch in the state and came right in time for the upcoming NFL season.


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