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Altenar’s Alejandro Cazorla: “Multichannel Businesses Should Consider Online and Retail Together”

We spoke with Altenar sales manager Alejandro Cazorla who walked us through the company’s European focus and growth plans. Cazorla touched on important topics such as personalization and localization and the Latin American market’s immense potential. Read our full conversation with Cazorla below.

With your sportsbook now live across the majority of Europe’s key markets, what are your plans for fostering continued growth for this exciting product?

As one of the leading providers for European markets, our plan is to continue with the growth we have been experiencing so far. The first thing that we plan to keep doing is listening to our partners in the region and the features/development they request. Understanding new market trends are key to continuing as one of the leading providers and we intend to keep on doing it, not only by getting new customers but also by empowering our customers to further grow their operations.

Similarly, what plans do you have for promoting further growth for your betting terminal in European markets?

As a company providing software solutions, our focus is on developing new functionalities and constantly improving our software. We have seen, with the release of our latest terminal version, how interest has grown among our customers, and this is key for a further expansion of our terminals. At the moment, our focus is also allocated to compliance requirements to enter into new jurisdictions. In the coming months, we will have exciting updates on this, so stay tuned.

How important are elements like personalisation and localisation when introducing your terminal and multi-channel services to these markets?

Personalisation and localisation are key, and I would say one of the differentiators from other providers. When offering a new betting channel for players, we need to ensure that we provide exactly what the end user is expecting in terms of layout, competition, and markets. Something to keep in mind for multichannel operations is to understand that retail and online should not be considered separate businesses: they actually complement each other.

How much potential do you see in relatively key LatAm markets like Mexico and Peru?

Both territories are some of the best-performing LatAm markets for us. The potential we still see is enormous, considering how those markets have evolved in recent years. Furthermore, the new regulation in Peru is moving forward which, according to our experience in Colombia, will allow the local players to enjoy a safer betting experience, of course, if the regulation comes with a fair ruleset for both parties.

What do you foresee for the future of LatAm, and what part will Altenar play in it?

LatAm markets will expand, and we foresee more countries moving into regulation, such as Chile and Brazil, and more great partnerships between local teams and leagues with big operators. Based on our experience in Colombia and as one of the first providers to be certified for the market, we will be ready to support our clients in such a move, bringing our know-how to make it a smooth transition for them.


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