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Alleged Casino Robber Cop to Go On Trial in Las Vegas

The man allegedly involved in three separate casino robberies in Las Vegas is reportedly going to trial this week

The trial against a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police officer, allegedly involved in three casino heists is expected to start this week after on Monday, a jury was finalized. Accusations against Caleb Mitchell Rogers claim that he was involved in three robberies at different Las Vegas casinos between November 2021, January 2022 and February 2022. During the third alleged robbery, Rogers was detained by casino security and later arrested by Metro police officers.

Since his arrest, he has remained in custody facing four charges for his alleged participation in the trio of casino robberies. With his bail denied, Rogers still awaits his trial which is expected to start this week. Overall, accusations against the young man, who remains employed by the Las Vegas Metro Police but is currently “without police powers” on unpaid leave, claim that he was able to steal nearly $165,000 in three separate robberies over a period of four months.

As reported by the Associated Press, Rogers’ attorney, Richard Pocker, claimed that evidence against his client tries to link him to two of the robberies. Yet, he deemed evidence as “weak” and at the same time criticized the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI for allegedly “pressuring” two individuals to identify Rogers, one of which, his brother.

Unsuccessful Robbery Results in Arrest

Allegedly, Rogers was able to take close to $165,000 over three separate casino heists. Charges against the police officer allege that from two robberies in November 2021 and January 2022 at Red Rock Resort and Aliante Hotel in Las Vegas respectively, he was able to take some $85,000. Then, a third robbery occurred at the Rio Hotel and Casino, where the suspect allegedly took some $79,000.

According to authorities, each of the robberies was conducted in a similar manner. The suspect used dark clothes, latex gloves and a face mask. Upon taking the money from the cashiers, the robber stashed them inside a bag that was under his jacket and then walked off using a “unique gait,” claims the criminal complaint.

The third robbery, which occurred on February 27 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino changed everything for Rogers. At the time, he allegedly entered the casino early in the morning as the cashiers were loading money, threatened them with a gun and said: “Get away from the money. I’ve got a gun; I’ll shoot you!” After pushing one of the cashiers, which was a woman that was approximately 60 years old, Rogers allegedly grabbed some $79,000 and shoved them into his bag in his jacket. He then tried to get away but was chased by casino security. After a brawl, Rogers was detained by the casino security and then arrested by law enforcement officers that arrived on the scene.


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