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ALEA and GLI Create New Gambling Scholarship in Argentina

Asociación de Loterías, Quinielas y Casinos Estatales de Argentina (ALEA) and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) have teamed up to launch a scholarship program for Argentine regulators, the organizations have confirmed in a press release.

More Educational Opportunities for Gambling Professionals

The scholarship will be funded by both participants, and it will seek to help out students who want to obtain degrees and qualifications in the Technician in Management and Administration of Games Chance subjects at the University of Salta in the country.

The Technician in Management and Administration of Games of Chance is backed by both the university and ALEA is the first such degree in Latin America that ties directly into the gaming sector and is developed with the idea of producing more capable individuals who can work in the gambling industry, understand the regulation, and the private sector better, and generally elevate standards across the board.

ALEA already provides training to lottery personnel in Argentina. ALEA executive director Mario Trucco welcomed the opportunity to be sponsoring this new initiative that will help train individuals who wish to obtain the degree and help contribute to the betterment of the gaming industry in the region:

We invite all those interested to join the Race, as registration for 2023 is about to begin.

ALEA executive director Mario Trucco

GLI VP of Latin America and the Caribbean Karen Sierra-Hughes was similarly pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with ALEA and launch this new scholarship opportunity.

GLI Committed to Regional Gambling Industry Growth and Sustainability

GLI, Sierra-Hughes said, was happy with the opportunity to see the regional gaming industry continue to grow. The Caribbean, Argentina and the Latin American market, in general, have been important markets for the company, she noted:

Now, this scholarship is aimed to support one of ALEA’s objectives, which is to create further opportunities for the professionalization of regulators, with a unique technical gaming degree unprecedented in the Latin America region, which in turn, strengthens the industry.

GLI VP of Latin America and the Caribbean Karen Sierra-Hughes

The scholarship is an opportunity to help local talent grow and become the next generation of leaders and experts that gambling will need as key jurisdictions across Latin America regulate.


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