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ACMA Asks Best Bookies to Take Down Unlicensed Gambling Service

Best Bookies no longer offers the services in question

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (AMCA) has issued a formal warning to Best Bookies’ Price over the latter company’s unlicensed wagering products. While not an operator in the traditional sense, Best Bookies’ had functionalities that placed bets on behalf of its customers.

Best Bookies is an online service that allows gamblers to compare betting odds across licensed betting operators in Australia. Thanks to this, customers can find the best betting offerings through a single account.

While Best Bookies is focused exclusively on licensed betting sites, the platform placed bets on behalf of its customers, which, according to the ACMA, constitutes a gambling service. The authority justified its claim with the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA) which classifies such offerings as gambling.

Best Bookies Was Approved by Its State Regulator but Lacked a Gambling License

The Australian regulator released a statement on the matter, explaining the situation. The ACMA pointed out that Best Bookies had secured authorization from the relevant state-based regulator to offer its products. Despite that, the company lacked the necessary wagering license to offer products that are considered to constitute gambling under the IGA.

The ACMA reiterated its statement that the betting service offered by Best Bookies constituted a gambling service offered to Australian-based consumers, meaning that the product violates Australia’s laws.

These types of services must not be provided to customers physically present in Australia if the provider of the service does not hold a licensee (however described) under a law of a State or Territory that authorizes the provision of that kind of service in the State or Territory.

ACMA statement

Following ACMA’s warning, Best Bookies ceased offering the services in question.

The ACMA’s War on Illegal Gambling Continues

In the meantime, the ACMA continues to vigilantly protect the Australian market from unlicensed companies. The regulator has been periodically ordering internet service providers to block sites that have been trying to circumvent Australia’s gambling laws.

The latest ban wave saw the ACMA order the ban of Viperspin, Just Casino, Betandplay, Play Fina, and Comic Play Casino, which had been operating in breach of the IGA.

The previous months also saw the regulator crack down on illegal gambling operators, leading to the bans of multiple other websites.

In May, the ACMA appealed to Curaçao’s gambling regulator, asking it for help in the fight against Curaçao-based offshore operators that target the Australian gaming market. The move was in line with ACMA’s desire to explore regulatory collaboration with overseas gambling regulators – a topic that was discussed in depth by Tim Miller at the recent G2E convention.


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