November 2, 2021 3 min read


Abios to Fuse Esports Data with Media Coverage

Abios is teaming up with to provide the latter with the company’s esports data feeds which will allow the media to grow its offer in the competitive video gaming space. Abios is extending several other features, including in-depth statistics, match and tournament calendars, and more that will ultimately lead to better-informed decisions about esports betting.

Adding More Value to Esports Coverage is confident that investing further in esports is the right move forward for the company as the entire CIS region is currently caught by an esports fever. Team Spirit, a Dota 2 competitive outfit, won The International 10, becoming the event’s biggest winner and bagging $18 million in the process. senior product manager Aleksey Pontayakov argued that the use of a stable data source could prove pivotal for the company which has a lot of Dota 2 and CS: GO fans. Pontayakov said:

“Our users want to get a lot of information about their favorite teams, players, they want to know tournament schedules. Also, some of our users are biggest fans, and they dive into game analytics deep during or after the match (and of course the more data the better).” senior product manager Aleksey Pontayakov has been running several portals pivoting towards esports. Abios is going to leverage its esports data and create more worthwhile experiences. Abios uses a special “granular formula” that allows fans to quickly sift through the torrent of information and filter down to the specific data they want to explore.

Bringing Esports on par with Sports

The stats will come on top of the existing news and articles and will create a value-added experience for readers.

Abios key account manager Jacob Howard has welcomed the move and the opportunity to be teaming up with to provide even better esports coverage to the CIS region:

“We’re well aligned with their mission to bring esports to a position where it’s on par with other sports and recognized as the ground-breaking phenomenon it is.”

Abios key account manager Jacob Howard

Abios is committed to supporting in its growth journey and providing the media with all it would need to deliver better value for esports fans. Abios has already extended its offer to many other companies and organizations with success.

The data company rolled out a dedicated esports widget to boost LeoVegas’ offer. Abios was acquired by Kambi earlier this year, as the company has been on a clear growth trajectory all throughout 2021.


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