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A Conversation with Sport Games TV CEO Vladislav Artemyev: “We Add More Betting Value to Real Sporting Events to Suit the Player and Operator”

If you are in the business of sports betting, Sport Games TV could provide you with what the company argues are games that will boost engagement and gross gaming revenue growth, offering a licensed and regulated product. To better understand what Sport Games TV has to offer, we spoke with Sport Games TV co-founder and CEO Vladislav Artemyev.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about what your company does and how it benefits your end customers?

A: We supply our clients with a modern betting product featuring common sports events. This encompasses a range of games, including boxing, darts, bridge, slot car racing, where races take place on a special track designed for miniature radio-controlled autos, and shootout. Shootout gives players the chance to bet on the outcome of a penalty shootout in hockey. All our games are offered in association with sporting federations. 

What makes our offering unique is that unlike what many suppliers offer with virtual sports, where the outcome is determined by a random number generator, we provide real sporting events for the bettor to watch in video form after they have placed the bet. This provides a new type of content for players and is aimed to make the experience much more enjoyable than watching animated graphics. Players can still have the excitement of watching a sporting event played by human beings unfold, while still having to correctly predict the outcome. This helps to further gamify sports betting and provides a new aspect that will suit both the player and the operator.

Q: Who stands to benefit from Sport Games TV’s products? 

A: We provide sportsbook and casino operators with the opportunity to increase their revenue by offering games on a 24/7 basis with fast markets, while also giving their players an improved experience. We have events beginning every 30 seconds, so the operator can offer a high-quality and high-quantity product. 

The benefits for operators have been exemplified in some of our operating figures. Our partners are processing an average of 100 bets per person per month through our games, and we are increasing our client’s turnover by an average of €335 per month, with their average operating margins being 7.6%, which at this stage is very encouraging.

Q: Has the pandemic and suspension of sports events changed your business model at Sport Games TV?

A: It is undeniable that the start of the pandemic inadvertently had a positive impact on playing activity with our customers; especially when there was a lack of live sport to watch and bet on. 

As was the case with many gaming products which saw similar spikes during that period, our challenge has been attempting to retain customers as the world has gradually returned to normality. We believe we can cope with this challenge because our games are easy to integrate, they are still just as enjoyable to play and they can still provide players with something they will not have been able to experience elsewhere. 

So I wouldn’t say it changed our business model as such, but instead accelerated our rate of growth and provided us with an expanded customer and player base, which has given us a great foundation to build on.

Q: Do your products only apply to sports events?

A: Yes, our games are purely sports-betting games, but they can also help operators to cross-sell to more than just sportsbook players.

Q: What products do you have planned for the future?

A: We are pleased with how our current suite of games is performing, but we have plans to further expand on this. The first step is to concentrate on the growth of some of our games as betting products, but in the future, we will attempt to provide more variation with our darts and shootout products. It’s a very exciting time for us and our partners.


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