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888 Unveils Potential Rebrand Following FY 2023 Results

The company’s new value creation plan aims to leverage its core markets and refocus its efforts on expanding to promising jurisdictions that can deliver sustained growth

London-listed gambling operator 888 has unveiled a comprehensive value creation plan (VCP) following its full-year 2023 results, which saw a significant 38% increase in reported revenue. The company has outlined priority targets for the upcoming year, revealing potential changes such as a rebranding to evoke plc, subject to shareholder approval at the 2024 AGM.

Ongoing Restructuring Efforts Aim to Bolster Growth

888 will focus on core markets such as the UK, Italy, Spain, and Denmark, which generate most of the group’s revenue while optimizing opportunities for future growth. The company plans to exit unprofitable markets or explore alternative operating models like local partnerships to gain footholds in challenging jurisdictions without expending unnecessary resources.

Despite ongoing regulatory challenges, particularly in the complex US market, 888 remains committed to delivering value for its shareholders. The company’s financial performance for the full year 2023 showed a notable increase in revenue, driven by a shift away from dot-com markets and a more sustainable marketing approach. However, some results remained mixed, necessitating the ongoing restructuring efforts.

Notably, revenue from sports betting experienced a slight decline, while gaming revenue saw a more significant decrease, primarily due to regulatory changes affecting some of the company’s core markets. However, adjusted EBITDA increased substantially, reflecting 888’s focus on operational efficiency and cost management. Cost-cutting measures should also improve the operator’s financial situation and bolster overall efficiency.

A New Name Reflects a New Strategic Direction

888’s proposed name change to evoke plc aims to more accurately reflect the strength of the group’s multi-brand operating model and its vision to provide players with top-notch betting and gaming experiences. The rebranding is part of a broader strategic initiative that aims to alleviate shareholder concerns over the recent layoffs in Israel and consolidate the group’s offerings.

The operator’s new strategy aims to differentiate its products from the competition, unifying them under a proprietary tech platform. 888 will leverage AI and automation to extract increased value from existing offerings while integrating ESG principles to ensure sustainable long-term value creation. The company’s “Glocal” operating model should empower all levels of the business and help retain leading talent.

Looking ahead, 888 aims to achieve sustainable, profitable growth while ensuring strong shareholder returns in the coming years. The operator’s new value creation plan underscores its commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and long-term growth. Meanwhile, the potential rebrand reflects its evolving identity and strategic vision as it navigates the dynamic landscape of the global gambling industry.

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