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888’s Control Centre Safer Gambling Tool Launches in Ontario 

This development aligns with the operator’s commitment to responsible gambling, bringing its tested and industry-leading product to another high-profile jurisdiction

Leading online betting and gaming company 888 has announced the rollout of its safe gambling initiative, the Control Centre, in Ontario. This initiative aims to assist players in gaining a better understanding of their gambling behavior while promoting responsible gaming practices. The product has a proven track record, and its launch should bolster 888’s brand recognition in the region.

The Control Centre Brings Substantial Player Benefits

888 first introduced the Control Centre to its customers in the United Kingdom. Ever since its launch in 2020, the solution has been gaining popularity. Subsequent rollouts in countries like Italy proved the product’s broad applicability, regardless of cultural differences. Players who use the Control Centre tend to be much more responsible and moderate, utilizing deposit limits and temporary self-exclusion.

The customer interface of the Control Centre is integrated into 888’s home pages, offering players access to intuitively presented playing statistics, responsible gambling tools, and educational information. Speaking for CDC Gaming Reports, head of Canada at 888 Roi Nadler emphasized the simplicity, speed, and intuitiveness of the Control Centre, describing it as a one-stop shop for safer gaming.

We are committed to preventing gambling-related harm and are confident that our Control Centre offers customers new levels of transparency that will help them stay informed and in control.

Roi Nadler, 888 head of Canada

888 reiterated its commitment to ensuring players have a safe, fair, and entertaining experience. According to Nadler, responsible gaming provides a palpable competitive advantage and sets the foundation for building long-lasting relationships with players who trust 888 as their entertainment destination. This approach bolsters customer retention and encourages a sustainable business model.

Player Protection Remains a Core Objective for 888

The Control Centre’s Ontario launch marks some much-needed good news for the operator. January saw the company lay off dozens of its Israel employees amidst its global restructuring efforts. 888 is implementing an ambitious cost-saving program, strengthening its core intelligent automation and artificial intelligence capabilities. Fortunately, these cuts should not affect the operator’s customer protection initiatives.

While 888 recorded an 8% annual revenue decrease in FY23, the company’s management retains a positive outlook for the coming year. Safer gaming practices should lead to improved average revenue per user, while strategic investments can deliver sustainable long-term profits. Shrewd management will be instrumental in fulfilling these objectives in the face of industry-wide regulatory and compliance headwinds.

With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, 888 continues to prioritize responsible gaming practices, contributing to a safer and more secure online gambling environment. The Control Centre’s Ontario launch marks a significant milestone in the operator’s revised strategy and should substantially bolster its position in this highly competitive market.

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