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2022’s AFF Championship Features New NFT-Based Project

Gamification solution developer Low6 joined forces with Web 3.0 technology company Be Media and marketing agency SPORTFIVE to create a new NFT-based fantasy soccer game ahead of the upcoming 2022 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Championship. The companies will produce digital collectibles featuring highlights from the AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup. The NFTs will seamlessly integrate with Low6’s UltimateFan app, driving player engagement and showcasing the untapped potential of Web 3.0 technology.

Fans Will Collect Their Own Game Highlights

Be Media’s experience with cutting-edge blockchain technology will allow the company to capture the upcoming game’s most exciting plays and mint them as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The novel content will make its way into the hands of fans via the AFF Championship’s official Onside digital collection, allowing them to own game-making plays.

Be Media CEO and founder Jordan Fogarty lauded the efforts of his partners in realizing this ambitious project, expressing his excitement to provide fans with a new level of engagement.

We are proud to have the opportunity to introduce… the new and evolving universe of Web 3.0 products while galvanizing football and blockchain enthusiasts.

Jordan Fogarty, Be Media founder and CEO

The Onside platform will reward users with NFTs throughout the Championship, running from 20 December to 16 January 2023. The collaboration marks a concerted effort to tap into the passionate ASEAN soccer community and promote this new form of engagement.

NFTs Allow Easy Collaborations

Onside NFTs will also integrate with Low6’s popular UltimateFan mobile app. The gamification company’s project features fantasy soccer contests with cards representing real-life soccer players. Each user assembles a team with their available cards. It is then rated based on their chosen players’ real-world performance.

Low6 users will be able to apply the newly announced NFTs to their collection, boosting their score and chance of victory. Company CEO Jamie Mitchell regarded the upcoming initiative with optimism, commenting that he was thrilled to be part of such an innovative project.

We’re confident that our leading sports game will provide a hugely engaging experience for fans…, showcasing the value of NFTs within the gaming space.

Jamie Mitchell, Low6 CEO

As evidenced by Low6’s integration of Onside NFTs, the blockchain-based system allows an easy transition to other similar platforms. While the technology had a rocky start and continues to draw controversy, this latest collaborative project is evidence that NFTs are here to stay. The AFF Championship will serve as another meaningful benchmark to determine whether the new technology will engage sports fans or whether the majority will stick to familiar ways of enjoying the content.

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