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ZingBrain’s CPO Oleg Smolerov: “We Offer Solutions to Create Powerful Experiences that Lead to Measurable Results”

Automation is tipped to play a crucial role in shaping the future of interactive betting and iGaming. To this end, Zingbrain has positioned itself as an aspiring market leader capable of providing brands with highly-customizable solutions that will, in turn, extend the same courtesy to consumers.

Through a special filtering system and widgets, Zingbrain is able to personalize the experience for all. The company is proud to offer solutions that are easy to integrate and create powerful experiences that lead to measurable results, including increased bet counts per widget, turnover, and more.

Today, we speak with Zingbrain to pick, as it were, their brain on how their product and personalization will help shape the future of the gaming industry.

Q: How is AI technology helping shape Zingbrain’s products and the interactive betting industry?

A: Machine learning and AI can help operators analyze the huge volumes of data they already have and collect on a minute-by-minute basis each day from all of the channels available to them. From this, they can then take actions based on fact rather than guesswork, and this can have a material impact on the experience delivered to players and ultimately the operator’s bottom line.

At Zingbrain, we use machine learning and AI to power our platform, which in turn allows operators to make recommendations to players based on player data, behaviors, and preferences. This is the same sort of technology used by the likes of Netflix and YouTube to push relevant content to users. For our partners, this allows them to deliver a truly personalized experience to each player.

Q: What plays a role in choosing how tailored products are provided to consumers?

A: We offer two solutions – the Zing Sportsbook Recommendation System and the Zing Casino Recommendation System. They mostly work in the same way but there are a couple of differences in the data they use to drive the recommendations pushed to players.

Our sportsbook system has been designed to adapt quickly to new and unknown events – it doesn’t need to be retrained seasonally. It can also recognize different bettor types – casual, regular, accumulator, and adjust the content pushed to them to ensure the highest levels of engagement.

Casual bettors, for example, receive a window with a suggested bet. The bet slip is complete so all they have to do is click “bet”. Regular players, on the other hand, want quick access to their favorite sports and leagues, so our system puts these at the top of the page and also sends push notifications.

Our casino system uses manually collected data for up to 60 game providers and uses AI analyses of more than 20 criteria for each game. This data is unique and means that we can adapt our recommendation system to any player even those with very unique preferences and needs.

For example, we know that players spend a lot of time searching for games instead of playing the game itself, so our system offers personalized sorting of all games for each player to ensure they receive relevant content quickly – this means more time playing and less time searching.

Q: How do Zingbrain’s widgets improve the experience for casino players and sports fans?

A: They improve the experience by making relevant recommendations to the player. Instead of having to scroll through games that are of no interest or navigate odds and markets to find those that appeal to them most, relevant content is pushed to them at that right time and in a way that does not detract from the user experience. This allows operators to take engagement, activity, and loyalty to the next level.

Q: Are there limitations to how far the AI technology can go in ensuring elevated customer experience? 

A: The limitations are the same as those of the current technology stack! For example, chatbots are not working as well as they could do right now, and this is partly due to a reluctance to invest in them. This is something we are looking to address as it is an area of AI that we believe has great potential. The more the industry invests in the technology, the more of its capabilities we will be able to unlock.

Q: Where do you still see room for improvement in your own product lineup as well as the general industry practices?

A: We have a lot of plans to improve and expand our product offering over the coming months and years. Our product roadmap is busy, but we would not have it any other way. Industry-wide, I think we need to have more standardization for integrating AI products – just like we see in the game provider sector – as this is a major hurdle right now. This standardization will give operators and suppliers much greater access to cutting-edge AI products.

Q: What big thing do you have next in the pipeline? 

A: We are working on several products that for now, we will be keeping closely under wraps. But what I can say is that they are focused on marketing, bonus system, and retention optimization. We are also looking to expand our reach into the affiliate sector as we believe content recommendation engines can really help affiliates improve the experience they offer to their site visitors and members.


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