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YouGov Study Shows Growing Interest in Betting on Women’s Sports

A YouGov study funded by Stats Perform and Women’s Sports Group has revealed a rising interest in women’s sports betting

A new survey conducted by the international online research data and analytics technology group with a mission to offer an ongoing stream of “accurate data and insight into what the world thinks,” YouGov, has revealed women’s sports as being equally attractive for both male and female bettors

The study received funding from sports data and analytics company, StatsPerform, and Women’s Sports Group, the advisory company that advances the global rise of women’s and men’s sports by offering outstanding sports advisory and negotiation expertise.

Bettors Looking for More Betting Options on Women’s Sports

Another critical highlight of the study aimed at UK respondents regards bettors’ enhanced interest in being given additional opportunities to wager on women’s sports

More than 60% of female bettors and 46% of male bettors who were acquainted with betting on women’s sports expressed a desire to be offered more opportunities to bet on women’s soccer.

The survey assessed responses received in August 2023 from 2,500 male and 2,500 female bettors.

Approximately 60% of male and female sports bettors who placed wagers at least once a month stated they were actively watching or following women’s sports

At the same time, 81% of male bettors and 96% of female bettors who watch women’s sports said they were also interested in men’s sports.

Nine out of 10 male and female bettors expressed their desire to watch women’s sports in the upcoming year. 

Women’s Soccer in the Lead 

As for the most popular sports mentioned by respondents, women’s soccer ranked among the top four sports watched by both male and female sports bettors. 

A discrepancy in betting behaviors was also revealed by the survey. Around 85% of male bettors watch and wager on men’s soccer, but only 23% of them bet on women’s soccer. 

Similarly, 72% of female bettors also wager on men’s soccer while only 26% place bets on the same sports. 

Similar figures 23% like the ones recorded for bets on women’s football were recorded by bets on men’s tennis, cricket, rugby, and boxing.

When inquired about the arguments why they do not bet on women’s soccer, 38% of male sports bettors said they never considered it whereas 34% of male respondents used the “lack of knowledge” argument as the main reason. 

Moreover, two-thirds of female bettors who are actively interested in women’s sports are 45 or younger

Last July, a YouGov study conducted on behalf of GambleAware assessed the way gambling ads viewed at a younger age can impact gambling habits later on in life.

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