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Yggdrasil Adds Hungrybear to YGG Masters Program

As part of the YGG Masters program, Hungrybear will create the first real-money gaming version of Slot Masters, Hungrybear’s proprietary multiplayer slot gaming concept

Yggdrasil, a leading publisher of iGaming content, has added the innovative slot developer Hungrybear to its YGG Masters program. The new addition will expand the program, allowing players to experience slot gaming in a new way.

As part of the YGG Masters program, Hungrybear will create the first real-money gaming version of Slot Masters, Hungrybear’s proprietary multiplayer slot gaming concept.

Slot Masters allows up to three players to engage in a slot gaming session and collect points to win free spins. Players are provided with a variety of tools they can use to attack their opponents or defend themselves from attacks.

The free-to-play tournament mechanic has quickly cemented itself as a fan-favorite and continues to channel players toward Hungrybear’s partnering operators.

Under the deal with Yggdrasil, however, a real-money gaming version of Slot Masters will hit the market, changing the way in which people perceive slots. Instead of free spins, players will now be able to win cash, further boosting customer engagement.

As agreed, Yggdrasil will serve as the exclusive distributor of the real-money Slot Masters content. The first YGG Masters title from Hungrybear should hit the market by July, according to the official announcement. The game will be a slot that is accompanied by a free-to-play Slot Masters version for promotional purposes.

A Catalyst for Hungrybear’s Future

The partnership will reinforce Yggdrasil’s portfolio, solidifying the firm as a go-to place for iGaming content. Jose Simon, the company’s commercial director, commented on the matter, praising the addition of Hungrybear to the YGG Masters program.

Not only do they bring a new vision and style to our slots portfolio with their first title in our roadmap but its Slot Masters product is a game changer in the space and we are honored to be the chosen partner to take it to the next level by introducing a real-money gaming version.

Jose Simon, commercial director, Yggdrasil

Simon added that his team is looking forward to innovating with Hungrybear’s games and multiplayer content. He concluded that Yggdrasil cannot wait to introduce a “new level of gaming experience” to players all over the world.

Justin Chamberlain, Hungrybear’s founder and chief executive officer, also commented on the matter, expressing trust in the potential of his team’s portfolio. He said that the tie-up with Yggdrasil will provide Hungrybear with the leverage it needs to make further strides.  

This partnership with Yggdrasil is a catalyst for future growth and its vast and established network of operators will ensure the widest reach as we continue to evolve Slot Masters and bring it into the real-money space.

Justin Chamberlain, founder & CEO, Hungrybear

In other news, Yggdrasil recently partnered with Bang Bang Games for the release of Mutant Trawlers a new slot with free spins, respins, cash prizes, a gambling feature, and Bonus Boost.


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