YGAM Urges For Education to Prevent Gambling Harm

Responsible gambling charity, YGAM, submitted written evidence to the Gambling Act review. The charity urged the Government to include education on gambling harm and asked the industry to do more to protect players.

Responsible Gambling Charity Urges For Gambling Harm Education

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) in the UK announced that it submitted written evidence to the Gambling Act 2005 review. In light of the ongoing review of the law, the responsible gambling charity asked the Government to include education within the Gambling Act. In a statement, YGAM said that it is pleased to contribute to this important process. Furthermore, the responsible gambling charity revealed that it has recently submitted evidence to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS).

Education is essential to prevent gambling harm and safeguard future generations.


YGAM noted that education is essential when it comes to preventing gambling harm and safeguarding future generations. Furthermore, the charity called for increased long-term funding, directed towards research, education, and treatment. Another point that YGAM raised in its message for the review is that gambling harm should receive the same level of focus as other public health issues such as drugs and alcohol.

The Industry Must Do More to Protect the Players

Besides education, YGAM asked the Government to “support the progress that has been made in the third sector and promote initiatives that demonstrate meaningful impact“. Furthermore, the charity urged the industry to do more to protect the consumers.

According to YGAM, the regulation must correspond to the fast-paced digital environment. Last but not least, the responsible gambling charity said that education alone will not stop gambling harms. Thus, YGAM strongly recommended additional methods for protecting young people from gambling harm.

YGAM acknowledged that the review of the Gambling Act will oversee all aspects of regulation. Admitting that it does not “claim to have the expertise to contribute to most of these intricate policy decisions“, the charity said that it believes that future generations need to be educated on potential harms. In conclusion, YGAM said that it is looking forward to working with the Government and all stakeholders to offer both insight and expertise, ensuring that changes to the gambling act are focused on “safeguarding future generations growing up in today’s digital world”.

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